A day trip to Bath, England

Nov. 13, 2017 by

“I really believe I shall always be talking of Bath, when I am at home again–I do like it so very much…. Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath?” Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey Jane Austen hated Bath. Still, there

House sitting across Europe

Nov. 9, 2017 by

Hey, Google, how do I become a full time traveler who sees the world on a budget? It is the summer of 2016, and I am poring over my laptop trying to finally find a real answer to the question

La Fortuna – My Favorite Place in Costa Rica

Oct. 9, 2017 by

In the eight days Dad and I spend in Costa Rica, we experienced a diverse sampling of cities. There were interesting and delicious aspects of every place we went, but one city just had that special something. Located in the

Preparing for Adventures in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Sep. 7, 2017 by

Right now, I am sitting on a tiny terrace in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, on the second story of a cute Airbnb rental. Dad is relaxing watching a soccer game (sorry, futbal) and enjoying the air conditioning. Our last airbnb

Boardwalking in Ocean City, Maryland

Aug. 7, 2017 by

Two weeks ago, I reconnected with two of my teacher friends to explore Ocean City, Maryland and Washington, DC. I decided to drive up from Atlanta because I like torture road trips. The ride there was quite fun because I

Bullet Journal Reflective: What I’ve learned after 3 Months of BuJo

Jun. 21, 2017 by

I started bullet journaling in March as a way to consolidate my obnoxious amount of calendars, planners, idea notebooks, and to-do lists my phone notes. I saw the bullet journal as a creative way to get all these moving parts

Don’t Sit Still: 13 Exercises to Stay Active on Long Trips

May. 20, 2017 by

This post is a guest post courtesy of the fabulous, fit, and well-traveled Nanette Gray! Nanette first developed a passion for staying active while traveling on a particularly long flight to Africa. Since leading aerobics in the aisles is generally frowned

St. George Island

Sand and Sun at St. George Island, FL

Apr. 25, 2017 by

Last night, I opened up my book to do some reading before bed. A pile of sand fell from the pages onto my face and all around me. You know you just got back from a great vacation when you don’t

5 things to do in Columbia, SC

Apr. 1, 2017 by

I have lived in South Carolina for over two years now but I haven’t spent much time in the capital city. A few weekends ago, I caught up with Sister and some good friends and we decided to see what

Bullet Journaling for Travel Lovers!

Mar. 19, 2017 by

I recently got on the bullet journal train, and I’m hooked! When it comes to organization, I love writing things down in a planner. The calendar in my phone isn’t quite my style. But my planner is bulky and I