Newcomers in New York City

Jul. 31, 2016 by

Where do I even begin! There is a reason New York City is called the city that never sleeps. I was there for four days doing as much as possible, but even if I had been there twice as long

Planning for Four Days in NYC

Jul. 20, 2016 by

Next week, I will be spending four days in New York City! I have been to New York just once before, but I was younger and less open to big city adventures. Sister and I went a few summers ago

Greenville, SC – A View from the Handle Bars

Jul. 19, 2016 by

I have always loved Greenville, SC. The downtown area looks like it has a perpetual street festival going on but no, that’s just Greenville. People are out. People are walking around. People are enjoying the fresh (hot) southern air, taking

Paris for the Art Lover

Jul. 14, 2016 by

In the summer of 2012, I spent six weeks in Paris for study abroad. Though I often wish I had been better about recording the details of my trip, I am also very thankful that I was able to savor

6 Tips for San Francisco Travelers

Jul. 12, 2016 by

Sister and I loved our time in San Francisco. Though spending four days in San Francisco certainly do not make me an expert, I walked away with a few (8 to be exact) pieces of advice for future San Francisco travelers.

Sister See San Francisco, Academy of Science

Jul. 4, 2016 by

The California Academy of Sciences is every science teacher’s dream. On Sister and my final day in San Francisco, we walked through the earthquake simulator (throwback to our infancy when we slept through an earthquake in Santa Monica), took a

Sisters See San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

Jul. 4, 2016 by

The call of crepes beckoned us from our slumber early Saturday morning. The Crepe House on Polk Street  rendered us happily full with nutella, berries, and carbs so Sister and I would be fit to began our day exploring the city

Sisters See San Francisco, Food Truck Party!

Jul. 2, 2016 by

It was a Friday evening in August when my sister and I met San Francisco for the first time. My sister barreled off the plane into my open arms, plowing through the crowd of native San Franciscans. The BART transported