Sisters See San Francisco, Food Truck Party!


It was a Friday evening in August when my sister and I met San Francisco for the first time. My sister barreled off the plane into my open arms, plowing through the crowd of native San Franciscans. The BART transported us from the Oakland airport to downtown San Francisco and we took advantage of the 20 minute ride to observe the locals in their natural habitats. We tried to blend in by NOT drooling over every landmark we passed.

Our bags were deposited at the Encore Express Hostel, which was located right in the heart of San Francisco (and very close to some amazing food). Attempting to get our bearings and begin our courtship with the city, we set off down Polk Street heading toward the Bay, we hoped. A serendipitous accident, we noticed a sticker for the “Off the Grid” food-truck party stapled to a cross walk beacon. Oh Happy Day! The party was that night! And since we watch quite a bit of “the great American food truck race,” we are pretty much food truck connoisseurs. Off the Grid is basically a massive foodie party that moves its location every few days.

We could see the glowing twinkle lights of seemingly a thousand food trucks from blocks away and surrendered ourselves into the chaotic but magical inner sanctum of the mobile food finery. Sister and I both lean toward vegetarian options and I set my sights on a monstrous Portobello sandwich with mac and cheese filled spring rolls while she devoured a brie, apple, and honey grilled cheese with tater-tots. Grilled cheese products tend to find us. Weary from the flight and stuffed full of happy cheese, we walked home for an early night in. So far, so good, San Francisco.

“Off the Grid”


4 thoughts on “Sisters See San Francisco, Food Truck Party!

  1. Hey girls!
    Looks like so much fun!
    Btw, I have a best buddy who lives in San Fran by the Bay that would gladly show you around if you wanted. Oh, and he’s young, good looking and smart.
    Love Uncke Matt

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