A typical day teaching English online while house sitting in England

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Rich in history and rolling farmland views, Somerset, England was a very nice place to call home for a month. While visiting this British countryside paradise, I taught English online while house sitting. My house sit had two fantastic dogs and four chickens!

Before coming abroad, I was desperate for information about what it would be like to work online while traveling. What would it be like to house sit? How much time would I have to explore? I hope this post answers some of those questions! This is what I did in a typical day teaching English online while house sitting in Somerset, England.

7:45am – Wake Up

Getting to wake up at 7:45 is such a luxury. When I was working online in the States, my online classes began in the 6:00am range because my students in Asia are 12 hours ahead. Now that I am in Europe, I don’t have to start work until a delicious 9:30am. I go downstairs and let the dogs out for their morning potty. I make the dogs and myself breakfast. I read a classic novel… no, actually I play on Pinterest.

8:30am – Morning Routine for Chickens

Once the sun is fully up, it is time to let the chickens out for the day. Because of trouble with a mischievous fox, they stay in a secure enclosure at night. During the day, they have some more room to roam. I give them some feed and clean their water dispenser. They peck at my toes. I collect any eggs and clean up any messes in their coop.

The chickens deciding whether or not they will peck my toes!

9:00am – Prepare for work

By working remotely as an online English teacher, I have a lot of flexibility in when and where I work! My makeshift classroom is upstairs in a spare bedroom. After getting my props ready, I flip through the classes I’ll be teaching to prepare. Since I see students of different ages and ability levels, reviewing the materials in advance is crucial.

9:30am – The workday begins

I teach four classes from 9:30am-11:30am, then I take a thirty-minute break. I use this break to stretch, grab a snack, let the dogs out, and write some feedback for the kiddos. Then from 12:00pm-2:00pm I teach four more classes. I usually teach four to five days a week. I take the other two to three days off for exploring! Somerset is an easy train or bus ride to Bath, Oxford, and lesser-known attractions like the Montacute house. Thank you, England and your amazing public transportation!

2:00pm – Lunch Break

I make myself lunch, usually of the “bread and cheese from farmers market” variety. I finish up paperwork for my job and the dogs begin to dance with excitement because they know what is coming next.

2:15pm – A long afternoon walk with the dogs

One of the most beautiful parts of my day is walking the dogs. In England, there are lots of public walkways and open spaces for pups to explore. It is really a dog paradise. The views are pretty great for me as well!

Beautiful farmland in Somerset

3:30pm – Afternoons in town

After walking the dogs, I have some time to relax at home or walk the short distance to town. I run errands or bring my kindle and read for a bit in a coffee shop.

Enjoying a coffee and a good book after a morning of working online

4:30pm – Evening routine for the Chickens

The sun is starting to set so it is time to let the chickens into their stronghold. Wouldn’t want the fox to get any ideas.

5:00pm – Relax at home and write this blog

In the evening, I relax at home with the puppies. The pups get dinner and another exciting lap around the yard. I might work on my blog or research my next house sitting job. Sometimes I go running something equally healthy, like watching an entire season of Project Runway on Netflix.

England has some lovely sunsets

8:00pm – Pub Quiz Time!

On Sundays, I walk to town for pub quiz night at the local pub. Everyone raves about this pub, so I grab a pint and some dinner, assuming the pub quiz will be similar to American trivia. It isn’t. There is no break between questions, no courteous “you have one song to come up with the answer.” It is straight questions back to back and I know none of them. I alternate writing nonsensical answers and shoveling excellent veggie pie in my mouth, trying to keep up.

pub quiz
Fish n’ chips n’ a pub quiz! Too bad none of those answers are even close to correct

10:00pm – Bedtime!

I get back home and let the puppies out one last time before bed. It is bedtime for all creatures and humans. I get some sleep and get ready for another exciting day tomorrow.

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4 Comments on “A typical day teaching English online while house sitting in England”

  1. What a wonerdful day in the life… It sounds relaxing, exciting, and fulfilling! & Thank you for such a good job sharing your uncommon life! 🙂

    1. Thank you! The relaxing part is what surprised me the most. People don’t usually equate travel with relaxation, but house sitting definitely allows me to slow down. No rushing through tourist destinations or jammed packed days. For me, it feels much more sustainable.

  2. So valuable to here about the small details like this…you make it seem actually possible to live a life that many of people just daydream about.

    1. I always loved finding “day in the life” posts before I left. It was hard for me to imagine what my day would look life since this lifestyle is quite different from my classroom days. I hope it gives some insight and comfort to those considering taking the plunge!

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