My passion for travel began when I was a teenager. A good friend of mine moved from our hometown in Georgia to the mystical, distant land of Alaska. Seeing that my friend was struggling with the move, our parents arranged for me to visit her at Christmas. I was sixteen, alone in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, blasting the “Into the Wild” soundtrack on my ipod. I gazed out on the tarmac, completely on my own with the world at my finger tips, as Eddie Vedder serenaded me about running away from it all and disappearing into the wilderness. I had never felt so terrified and free and alive.

Many years, several countries, and an anthropology degree later, it became abundantly clear that travel and the different people, faiths, foods, and families that accompany it were necessary in my life.


Now, I am a middle school teacher and I strive to maintain a traveling lifestyle. Since I work full-time, I’ve learned to curb my adventurous inklings to fit into to weekends and summers, but I have still found great moments and great meaning within the confines of Saturday and Sunday, and spanning those splendid two summer months. I have traveled big and I have traveled small, but I have never taken a trip that hasn’t impacted me in some way. And while I once thought that my wandering spirit could only be satisfied by the most exotic, wild, and glamorous cities, I have learned that there are amazing adventures to be had all around us – within arms reach and without draining the bank account. I love organized planning, trip logistics, off-the-beaten-path thrift shops, old buildings with obscure historical significance, vegetarian food trucks, chatty locals, and doing it all on a thrifty budget.

This blog is about making the most of the time and resources we have to keep travel at the forefront. It is about the moments that change us and mishaps that give us our best stories. Because after all, life is not about the destination, but rather the places and people we find when we are simply wandering through.



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