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Two weeks ago, I reconnected with two of my teacher friends to explore Ocean City, Maryland and Washington, DC. I decided to drive up from Atlanta because I like torture road trips.

The ride there was quite fun because I had a travel buddy and we listened to a LOT of podcasts. I also experienced the magic of Wawa, which is the most fanciest and wonderful gas station I’ve ever seen, and apparently only found north of Virginia. They have touch screens to place your order and they actually make real hot food there, with vegetables! What?? Like omelets and quesadillas and burrito bowls. I couldn’t deal. Anyway, we finally made it to DC after 11 hours of driving and got a good night of sleep to prepare for our adventure to Ocean City, Maryland.

Ocean City, Maryland

There are so many things to do in Ocean City, Maryland! Ocean City is a boardwalk beach town. We stayed a dozen blocks from the boardwalk action and very close to the water. The boardwalk ran for what seemed like miles along the beach and the highlight of the trip was walking up and down the boardwalk, discovering deliciousness and amusement. Mostly deliciousness.


We ate lots of things on the Ocean City boardwalk. We knew we had to check out the legendary Thrashers Fries first. These fries have a reputation for being the “best on the boardwalk” and they lived up to the hype. I didn’t try any other fries, so I can’t say whether or not they are, in fact, the “best” but they were pretty tasty. Also, there is the main Thrashers Fries right at the beginning of the board walk that has a line six miles long. Don’t wait in that line. If you walk away from the main end of the boardwalk for a few blocks, you will stumble upon a second location of Thrashers Fries with no line serving the exact same thing.

After a french fry appetizer, we got dinner at Tony’s pizza. We split this marvelous veggie pizza with white sauce while enjoying the sunset from the rooftop patio. We had a great view of the amusement park rides, especially the giant sling shot thing that shoots people way up in the air and just looks miserable. I bet the view from the top of the sling shot is pretty incredible, if you can see past your terror.

Eager to make this a true three course dining experience, we made our way to Dumsers Dairyland for ice cream. Like Thrashers, there are many locations of Dumsers. There is one main one centrally located. That one has – you guessed it – a crazy long line. Don’t wait in this line. Find another, less traveled Dumsers to enjoy your vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate shell.

The morning after our boardwalk extravaganza, we knew we had to try the popular donut shop, Fractured Prune Donuts. Luckily our hotel was very close to a second location of the famous Fractured Prune (seeing a trend here?) We tried one with honey and powdered sugar, one with glaze and cinnamon sugar, and one with sprinkles. They were cakey and hot and came out so fast. Worth the wait in the summer sun.


Boardwalks are home to lots of fun and weirdness. We decided to embrace it.

Years ago, I did a mirror maze with some friends in Gatlinburg, TN. It was amazing! Like, I actually ran into the wall and got “lost” and saw ten of myself. It was crazy! So we saw a mirror maze at the very end of the boardwalk and we had to try it. This mirror maze was not amazing. It was smudged and comically easy to see what was mirror and what wasn’t. We found our way out in under a minute and I felt like an idiot for hyping up the mirror maze so much.

But the amusement park redeemed itself when we rode one of those spinning-up-and-down rides that takes you 1000 miles an hour in a circle while playing disco music and strobe lights. We insisted on fitting all three of us in one bench seat so we were squished but we didn’t even care. While Justin Bieber blared and neon lights blazed, we were flung around and around until all our worries disappeared.

As we were winding down and getting ready to head back to the hotel, we noticed lots of people sitting on the edge of the boardwalk facing the beach. We decided to stick around to see what was going on, and soon after dark, a fireworks show began. It was a pretty impressive display, especially considering it was a Tuesday evening and not a holiday. I guess this is something they do all the time in the summer? Whatever the reason, it was a great way to end the night in Ocean City, Maryland.


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