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Before I started teaching online and traveling, I spent months trying to find any information I could about the new lifestyle I was about to dive into.

I spent hours on travel websites searching for details about what online teacher life would be like, but this was over two years ago and there wasn’t much out there yet.

Today, you’re in a much better place than I was. Teaching English online while traveling is becoming more common and communities are popping up all over the internet to connect all of us awesome wandering teachers!

But still, blogs are one of my favorite places to learn because they’re a deep dive into one person’s experience. They give a much better picture of what life can really look like. Especially for people on the brink of a big transition, blogs can be useful and inspiring.

Can you tell I’m a bit of a blogging nerd? 

8 Blogs by Traveling Online English TeachersSo I reached out in my “online teachers who travel” circles to find other people who write blogs about their journeys. My goal was to compile a variety of resources for you to reference as you make your plans.

While I love writing about my experience teaching and traveling on this site, I’m only one person. I want you to have plenty of perspectives and ideas as you get started.

The blogs below are written by people traveling all over the world working from different online companies. Some are brand new to this, documenting the beginning stages of life on the move. Others have been at it for years.

Every story is different, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some teaching, traveling, blogging goodness.

Blogs About Teaching English Online While Traveling

Eat Love Explore

Naomi is a personal finance and budget travel expert from Toronto, Canada who has traveled to over 40 countries for WAY less than you’d think.

Two years ago, she and her husband saved over $30,000 in just 8 months to travel and she hasn’t stopped since!

These days she’s based in Abu Dhabi and teaches English online with VIPKID. She loves the flexibility it allows her to work and travel – the students are awesome too!

When she’s not traveling, she’s writing about how you can make money online and budget travel longer for less on her blog, EatLoveExplore.

Connect with Naomi on Facebook and Instagram.

The Uncommon Pursuit

The Uncommon Pursuit is an awesome resource for anyone looking to start their location independent digital nomad lifestyle. Amanda and Zach travel the world while teaching you how to start working remotely and succeed as a digital nomad.

Zach and Amanda both taught English online with VIPKID for a portion of their travels. But they aren’t limited to writing about online teaching. Learn about all kinds of remote work and build your dream life.

Connect with Zach and Amanda on Facebook and Instagram.

Anywhere and Averywhere 

Avery from Anywhere and Averywhere got her start as a DaDaABC online teacher in Da Nang, Vietnam. Now, she works as a virtual assistant and helps others do the same.

She has tons of helpful information about life in Vietnam and how you can start living a nomadic life working online. If you’re considering Vietnam for your first stop, make sure to check out her latest posts about Da Nang!

Connect with Avery on Facebook and Instagram.

Meagan Lyn – Experience the Unknown

Meagan wants to connect with people from all over the world and help them learn how they can work from anywhere!

She also wants to share with her readers her love for travel and her many experiences – whether it’s the best bars, itineraries, beaches, eateries, guides and more.

Meagan has a lot to offer regarding Asia, the United States and working as a digital nomad.

Are you thinking about teaching English abroad? Do you want to learn how you can be a Virtual Assistant and work solely from your laptop? Or are you looking for travel tips and experiences?

Meagan Lyn is your one-stop connection for all these areas! Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Courtney the Explorer

Courtney the Explorer gives you the tools to travel the world on a budget.

Courtney has a passion for free travel, long-term backpacking trips, and story-telling (aka sharing her travel fails in an attempt to help others.

She currently teaches online for QKids and is planning to move to South Korea in August.

Follow Courtney on Instagram and Youtube.

Grateful Gypsies

Sasha and Rachel are a world-traveling, English-teaching, jam band following couple. Since meeting at a music festival, they’ve taught English in China, studied Indonesian in Bali, and traversed Latin America as digital nomads.

These days, they split their time between eating tacos in Mexico, following their favorite bands around the US, and planning epic adventures in between.

Together they run Grateful Gypsies, where they write about digital nomad life, teaching online, and live music, among other things.

Connect with them on Facebook and Youtube.

Follow Mads

Madison is a traveling feminist cat lady who is currently teaching English online with VIPKID while exploring Europe. 

Madison is the creator of Follow Mads, a feminist travel blog featuring advice on long-term travel and teaching English remotely. Her blog also includes pieces inspired by her past work experience as a social worker working with victims of crimes.

Madison credits teaching English online as the main reason she is able to travel and share her passions. Both her mother and grandmother are teachers, and her goal growing up was always to educate people in some capacity.

On Follow Mads you’ll find tips to get hired with VIPKID, as well as honest reviews from a contracted employee with VIPKID. You can also learn about what it is like to be a full time traveling teacher and digital nomad!

Follow Madison on Facebook and Instagram!

Bay Expat

Peter was tired of the traffic, lifestyle, and daunting rent of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Like many others, he jumped in the expat life and is teaching English abroad.

With two passports in hand, Peter hopes to travel, live, and work on every continent before he is thirty. Currently, he is living in the Basque Country in the North of Spain and enjoying the food, ocean, mountains, and wine.

When Peter is not catching waves or sipping wine, you can find him on his blog, and taking photos of his adventures.

A play off the verb “to be” his blog is about his life being an English teacher abroad, culture and how to be a “local” expat. 

Follow Peter on Instagram.

Teacher Yuliya’s Travels

Yuliya is an online English teacher traveling the world while educating young minds, as well as packing that extra pair of shoes (or two) just in case her dream of attending a masquerade ball comes true!

Her blog is launching soon so make sure to give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed traveling around the world with these online English teachers!

If you have questions about teaching English online, make sure to check out my online teaching posts here.

Do you write a blog about teaching online while traveling? If so, contact me and let me know so I can add you to this resource! 

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