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Teaching ESL online is an amazing way to meet students from all over the world. Teachers and students can learn about each other’s culture and make connections, even while far apart.

For a long time, many large online ESL companies focused on offering lessons to children in China.

But recently, there have been new regulations in China that impact how online ESL teaching companies operate in the country. From my understanding, the new rules prevent companies from offering for-profit online academic tutoring to Chinese children.

As a result, some Chinese companies have suspended operation, some are pivoting to work within the new regulations, and some haven’t made any official announcements yet.

These changes are still new and we don’t know exactly what the long-term effect will be, but since the new rules specifically impact companies offering lessons to Chinese children, a lot of teachers are interested in branching out to platforms with a worldwide audience.

Below are several online ESL teaching companies with students from all over the world.

6 Online ESL Companies With A Worldwide Student Base

CompanyWhere to Apply
CamblyApply Here
PreplyApply Here
italkiApply Here
OutschoolApply Here
SkimaTalkApply Here
LingodaApply Here

Remember that things are changing quickly and companies can update their requirements and hiring practices at any time. I’ll do my best to keep this post up to date as more information becomes available but it’s always a good idea to check the official company website before applying.


Teach online with Cambly
  • Click Here To Apply
  • Requirements: Native English speaker
  • Cambly Pay: $10.20 USD/hour
  • Cambly Kids Pay: $12 USD/hour

Cambly is a conversation platform where adults from around the world can practice their English speaking skills with a native speaker. Teachers are paid by the minute and the focus is on conversation practice.

Cambly has one of the most flexible scheduling systems around since no advanced notice is required to log in for class. Whenever you feel like teaching, you can sign on and do so.

They offer a kids program and an adults program, so you can teach whichever types of students you prefer. Because students come from all over the world, Cambly is open 24/7.

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teach online with preply
  • Click Here To Apply
  • Requirements: Must be a fluent speaker in the language you wish to teach, multiple teaching languages available
  • Pay: Set your own pay rate

Preply is a great platform for teaching English or another native language online. You’ll make a teacher profile and students can browse through potential tutors on the Preply website.

Students can find you based on your availability, price, previous student reviews, and profile information. Then, they can book a time slot that you’ve opened in your calendar.

This is an awesome option if you are fluent in more than one language since you can teach multiple subjects. You also get a lot of creative control because teachers plan their own lessons and set their own pay rates.

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teach online with italki
  • Click Here To Apply
  • Community Tutor Requirements: Native or near-native speaker in the language you wish to teach
  • Professional Teacher Requirements: Native or near-native speaker in the language you wish to teach, must provide a TEFL certificate, a teaching license, or proof of teaching experience
  • Pay: Set your own pay rate

italki is a popular language-learning marketplace. You can apply to teach any language you are fluent in. Adults and children use the platform and you can teach multiple languages.

There are two types of jobs available on italki, Community Tutor and Professional Teacher.

About Community Tutors: Community Tutors offer more casual, conversation-based classes. There are fewer requirements to become a community tutor.

About Professional Teachers: Professional Teachers usually offer more structured lessons for their students. Professional teachers must have some kind of teaching or TEFL certification.

No matter which program you choose, you’ll have full control over what classes you offer, what your schedule looks like, and your rates.

Check to see if your language is open before applying. This page is updated weekly.

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teach online with outschool
  • Click here to apply
  • Requirements: Expertise in your subject area, live full-time in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, or Wales, fluent English speaker, able to pass a background check.
  • Pay: Set your own pay rate

Outschool is a great option for online teachers and you can teach small group classes about any topic you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. The majority of Outschool students are children in grades K-12 based in North America but they also have students from around the world.

Classes on Outschool are live and you can choose the age range and number of students you work with. I taught a drawing class on Outschool and it was fun to work with my students in a small group setting.


teach online with skimatalk
  • Click Here To Apply
  • Requirements: Native English speaker, Must be from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland
  • Pay: Set your own pay rate

SkimaTalk is a platform where you can teach adults online. Students will browse through teacher profiles and choose the teacher they prefer.

Students can choose from free talk lessons, SkimaTalk-created lessons, or custom lessons arranged with the teacher.

No experience is required but you must be a native speaker from one of the countries listed above to teach with SkimaTalk.


teach online with lingoda
  • Click Here To Apply
  • Requirements: Must be a native speaker in the language you wish to teach. (English, Spanish, French, and German available), TEFL certification or equivalent certification in the language you’re teaching, 2-3 years teaching or tutoring experience
  • Lingoda Pay: €7 – €20 per class

With Lingoda, you can teach adult language learners English, Spanish, German, and French. Teachers work as freelancers and are able to choose their own hours. Lessons are provided and classes are either one-on-one or small group.

This is one of the only platforms I know of that both provides lesson plans and offers classes for adult students.

There are no official minimum or maximum teaching hours, but it’s preferable for teachers to teach at least 5 hours per week.

Students are all over the world so you can teach 24/7.

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  1. Just an FYI: Cambly has lesson plans for adults, as well. Not everyone uses them, but they are available. I’ve had some students choose to use them.


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