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Did you know that you can send VIPKID ecards to your online ESL students directly through the VIPKID teacher app? Sending a virtual gift to your VIPKID student can help you build rapport, connect with parents, and get more bookings. It’s also a ton of fun! This post will cover how to send VIPKID ecards using the mobile teacher app!

Important Update

In the years since this post was first published, VIPKID changed its online teaching platform, modified the application process, and shifted to a worldwide student base. Some of the information below is now out of date. For details about their new programs, check out the official VIPKID website.

What Are VIPKID Ecards?

VIPKID ecards are fun little notes you can send to your students. You’re not required to send them, but doing so can let your students know you’re thinking of them and build a stronger connection.

VIPKID has created dozens of ecard templates so that you can easily brighten a student’s day in just a few clicks. You can send ecards straight through the VIPKID teacher mobile app and they will be delivered to your students virtually.

Why Should I Send VIPKID Ecards?

You can send VIPKID ecards for many reasons. Some popular ecard templates allow you to:

  • Wish your student happy holidays
  • Say thank you for choosing your class
  • Apologize for a mishap or IT issue during the lesson
  • Wish them a happy birthday
  • Tell them they did a great job in class

I usually send students an ecard if I know my student has a birthday coming up or if there is a Chinese holiday approaching like Chinese New Year. Ecards can be used to celebrate a lesson that went particularly well or a new milestone.

I also send VIPKID ecards to any new students I teach to encourage them to book my class again.

If I’m going away on vacation, there are also special ecards you can send to let parents know. I do this with my regulars so they aren’t worried by a sudden gap in my schedule.

How To Send An E-card, VIPKID App Instructions

To send an ecard to your vipkid student, you’ll start by clicking on the VIPKID teacher app on your mobile device. On the home page, you’ll see a button that says “Time Slots” on the bottom of the screen. Select “Time slots” and then choose the “Booking” button with a checkmark beside it in the top left-hand part of the screen.

This will show you all your recent and upcoming bookings. If you want to send an ecard to a student you had in a previous lesson, click on the day you taught them and scroll through the list of bookings to find their name.

If you want to send an ecard to a student you will teach in the future, click to the day they’ve booked you, then scroll through the student list for that day.

how to send vipkid ecards through the teacher mobile app
vipkid teacher app send ecards

Sometimes, you might want to send a VIPKID e-card to a student who you haven’t seen in a while. You can find a list of your regular and potentially recurring students under the “students” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve found the student who will receive your greeting card, click directly on their name. Don’t click on the whole box itself because this will take you to the class details. You want to go to the individual student page by clicking on the student’s name.

In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see a present icon. Click this icon to send a card to that student. A screen will appear with a large orange button that says “send a card.”

how to send vipkid ecards
sending vipkid ecards virtual gift for vipkid students

Select that button and you’ll be taken to a colorful page with tons of ecards to choose from. Browse through the topics at the bottom, choose a card that you think your students will like, and choose a prefilled message template.

Once everything looks good, check the “I agree to send this greeting card” box and click the “send” button.

That’s it! You’ve sent your first VIPKID ecard!

What VIPKID ecards can I choose from?

The VIPKID ecards change with the seasons and holidays. At the time I’m writing this in the fall, there are ecards for the Mid-Autumn Festival and generic holiday e-cards wishing students a great day.

Next, there are the cards used to encourage your student. You can send an “Amazing!” card if your student did a great job in class and you want to give some extra praise. You can also send a “Book me” card telling your student that you enjoyed seeing them in class and hope they will book you again soon.

If you miss class, are sick, have an IT issue, or have inclement weather, you can send your student a card letting them know in the “Missed Connection” section. You can also let them know that you’re going away on vacation and will be back soon.

If your student isn’t feeling well, there are also cards to wish them well. There are thank you cards, happy birthday cards, and cards to welcome your student back to class if they’ve been away for a while. All of these cards are cute and colorful and they come with pre-written content so you don’t have to worry about what to say.

Final thoughts on sending VIPKID e-cards

VIPKID e-cards are a great resource for teachers to connect with their students outside of the classroom. They are easy to send and appreciated by the student.

Whether you want to build a stronger connection with a particular student, increase student bookings, communicate with parents, or simply wish your student a happy birthday, VIPKID e-cards are the way to go!

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