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When I first started traveling, I thought it was normal to have nine million cords and electronics floating around my carry on, tangled together in total disarray. I never thought to use a travel organizer for electronics, so as I wandered through dozens of countries, my technology remained hopelessly disorganized.

No one told me that you don’t have to spend thirty minutes rummaging through your carry on bag like a raccoon to find your phone charger.

No one told me that it really wasn’t necessary to dump my entire backpack on the floor in a crowded arrivals hall to find the unlocked old cell phone that had slid to the bottom.

No one told me that I could have all my electronics and cords neatly arranged in one neat travel electronics case.

But now I know better.

BUBM Travel Electronics Organizer Review

I was working on a post about good holiday gifts for travelers (aka publishing my wishlist on the internet in hopes that my friends and family would see it…) when I learned about the best electronics travel organizer. 

Fast forward a few weeks and my evil plan to make my loved ones buy me more travel gear worked. On Christmas morning, compliments of my grandparents, I was the proud new owner of my very own BUBM Travel Cord Organizer Bag!

I was eager to test out my new electronics travel case on my trip to Montreal, and I as I stood there packing up every woolen, knitted, or fluffy winter garment in the house, I turned to my dreaded pile of electronics.

On that trip, I was bringing a kindle, digital camera, external hard drive, iPad, wireless keyboard, cell phone, earbuds, and portable power bank. Oh, and all the affiliated charger cords. It was excessive, to stay the least.

But as I slowly started wrapping up my power cords and neatly tucking them into their elastic holders, I began to smile. Not only was my insane amount of technology fitting in this slim little travel electronics bag, but it was actually well organized and easy to get to!

After several trips, I can’t imagine packing without this little travel case for electronics and accessories. In this post, I’ll talk about my favorite features of the best electronics organizer for travel so you can get your techy life organized too!

By the way, if all this talk of travel technology intrigues you, you can read my full digital nomad packing list here.

Quick Look at BUBM Travel Cable Organizer, Size Large

CharacteristicMy Review
Dimensions11x8x2, very slim profile, doesn’t take up a lot of space in your bag
Organization1 large pocket, 3 medium pockets, 19 elastic tie downs
CapacityiPad, Portable hard drive, Portable charge bank, Wireless keyboard, Selfie ring light, Ethernet connecter, Sylus, Two sets of earbuds, Five charging cables, Two charger blocks, iPhone 5
ProtectionLight Padding, Water Resistant Material, Double Zippers
Appearance Sleek design, 3 color options, solid color outside with detachable wrist strap
PriceCheck Prices Here!
travel case for electronics and accessories

Dimensions of the BUBM Cable Organizer

I ordered the Large version of the BUBM Travel Organizer. The dimensions of this tech organizer are 11x8x2 inches. That’s roughly a half-centimeter bigger than my iPad on each side, meaning my iPad fits perfectly into the large back pocket.

The depth of the electronics bag allows you to have some bulkier items inside without straining the zipper. Even full, mine never looks too puffy or stuffed. It keeps its sleek profile and slides nicely into my carry on bag.

If you need more room, BUBM also makes a double-layered version with a deeper bottom compartment for larger items.

best travel cord organizer

Pockets and Pouches

This BUBM electronics travel organizer case has tons of pockets and pouches for stashing accessories. The bag is divided into two main compartments.

In the first compartment, one side is one large flat pouch that can hold an iPad. The other side has two equal-sized mesh pockets. These mesh pockets do not have a zipper or closure. 

In the second compartment, there are 19 elastic tie-downs and one mesh pocket with a zipper. The elastic tie-downs vary in size so you could attach cords or smaller items like charging banks and phones. 

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What the large electronics bag holds

The large size BUBM electronics organizer holds a lot more than I expected! Even when fully packed, it still has a pretty slim profile and doesn’t look bulky. Right now I have the following items in my BUBM Travel Cord Organizer.

  • 1 iPad
  • 1 portable hard drive
  • 2 portable charge bank
  • 1 wireless keyboard
  • 1 selfie ring light
  • 1 ethernet adapter
  • 1 stylus
  • 2 sets of earbuds
  • 1 kindle
  • 1 iPhone 5
  • 5 charging cables
  • 2 charger blocks
Electronics Travel Organizer Bag

What the large cable organizer bag doesn’t hold

While the case is great for holding pretty much all of my smaller travel accessories, a few things didn’t fit. The following items do not fit inside my electronics organizer bag.

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Just like my laptop sleeve, the material on the outside of this bag is made of water-resistant fabric. I like that added little layer of protection in case I get stuck in random monsoons, which seems to happen often when traveling in Asia.

The BUBM organizer case is also lightly padded on all sides and has two sturdy zippers. Even when it’s fully packed, I haven’t seen any wear and tear.


I like the look of this bag because it doesn’t scream “I’m full of valuables” but it still looks professional. This case comes in green and gray, orange and gray, and gray and pink options.

Price of the Best Travel Cord Organizer

Travel gear is notoriously pricy. I’ve gone into so many special outdoor and travel stores looking for something simple like a toiletry bag or moisture-wicking towel, screamed in horror at the prices, and then found an almost identical item online or at Target for a fraction of the price. 

It seems like the minute you put “travel” in the product name it costs 5x more. 

Luckily this annoying “travel gear needs to have luxurious prices” trend doesn’t apply to my favorite travel electronics organizer bag. This is extremely affordable. If you’ve got Amazon Prime it will ship for free.

Check prices on the best cord organizer for travel now!

Why Bubm is the best cable organizer for travel

My organization level before and after this electronic travel case is night and day. My favorite parts of the game-changing Bubm Case are

  • It’s sleek and lightweight but still manages to hold more than you expect
  • It’s padded and water-resistant
  • There are different sized tie-downs and pockets inside
  • It’s easy on the budget

What do you use to stay organized while traveling? Let me know in the comments!

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