About the Blog

Hi! I’m Nic! In 2016, I started this blog because I love writing.

It started out as a journal. I wrote about things I loved and nerded out over. Some of my first posts were about bullet journaling, a trip to Costa Rica with my dad, and signing up for my first online job.

As I wrote, I started to meet so many people who liked the same things as me. Hearing that other people were interested in travel tips, cool destinations, house sitting advice, and online jobs encouraged me to learn more about blogging and start treating my website like a resource instead of just a ramble of thoughts.

Now, creating content that’s helpful and entertaining makes me so happy! It’s been ridiculously fun to dive into new interests with you and I’m thankful for you all every day!

On this website, you’ll find three main types of content:

  • Travel Destinations and Guides
  • Remote Work and Online Teaching Resources
  • Budget Travel and House Sitting Tips

Whether you’re here for just one of these topics or are interested in all three, welcome. It’s great to have you.

About Me

I’m Nic and I’m originally from the USA. Now I live in Portugal and I work full-time as a content writer in addition to running this blog and a few others.

I love listening to podcasts (especially while I’m cooking) and reading (especially nonfiction). I’ve been a runner since high school and I recently started dabbling in yoga.

When I’m not traveling or writing, you can usually find me in obscure little shipwreck museums, befriending lizards in the park, or singing the entire Hamilton soundtrack.

Nothing brings me more joy than finding a good deal, and my quest for bargains has landed me in some unique travel situations. Like that time I took an accidental 12-hour train ride across Germany, or lived in a tent on the beach in Panama, or rode the night ferry to an island in Thailand, or spent 20 hours in the Singapore Airport.

Going to Eurovision and a Formula One race are on my bucket list, but I’m not in a rush. Having the flexibility to follow a new adventure is part of the magic.

A few of my favorite things

Travel Adventures

Komodo National Park – Seeing the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia and snorkeling with Mantas

Motorbiking the Ha Giang Loop – One of the most dangerous roads in northern Vietnam

Christmas in Paris – Wine, museums, and Christmas markets with my sister

Remote Work Ideas

Become a Virtual Assistant – These courses show you how to get started as a VA

Start a travel blog – Fund your travels by telling your stories

Teaching English Online – Teaching Online was my first online job. Here’s what you need to know.

Travel Advice

How to start house sitting – Take care of other people’s pets and stay for free to save on travel

Travel the world on a budget – 13 ways to save money so you can travel longer

Digital nomad packing list – Essentials for remote work and travel