About the Blog

Hi! I’m Nic! In 2016, I started this blog because I love writing and sharing my passions with others.

It started out as a journal. I wrote about things I loved and nerd-ed out over. Some of my first posts were about bullet journaling, a trip to Costa Rica with my dad, and signing up for my first online job.

As I wrote, I started to virtually meet so many people with similar interests! Hearing that other people were interested in travel tips, cool destinations, house sitting advice, and online jobs encouraged me to learn more about blogging and start treating my website like a resource instead of just a ramble of thoughts.

Now, creating content that’s helpful, entertaining, and fun for you makes me so happy! It’s been ridiculously fun to dive into new interests with you and I’m thankful for you all every day!

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nicola walking toward the camera at a viewpoint looking over the ocean

How This Blog Can Help You

On this website, you’ll find three main types of content:

  • Travel Destinations and Guides
  • Teaching English Online and Remote Work Resources
  • House Sitting Guides and Tips

Whether you’re here for just one of these topics or are interested in all three, welcome. It’s great to have you.

Let’s Talk About Travel

Writing about travel destinations is the best! I love sharing travel guides about all kinds of places, especially places that you might not have considered visiting before.

I also prefer to travel slowly and spend more time in each destination, as opposed to seeing many destinations back to back. This means you get in-depth resources and more unique things to do every stop along the way!

To start, check out some of my all-time favorite travel adventures!

Tell Me About Teaching English Online

Teaching Online is an amazing option for people who want to work from home or start an online side hustle. Most online teaching jobs offer very flexible schedules which means you can teach as much or as little as you want.

Considering the events of 2020, having a reliable source of remote income can really be a game-changer. No matter how often you plan to teach, having a fun online income source at your finger-tips is awesome! See all teaching online tips.

Oh, and if you need resources for your online English classroom, don’t forget to check out my Etsy Shop, Teach and Wander! Here, you can grab printables for teaching ESL online with any company!

What About Other Online Jobs?

In recent months, I’ve started writing more about other work from home jobs since I know how important it is to have a reliable remote income these days.

In this section, you can learn more about freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, and other interesting online job ideas! See more online job ideas now.

What Is House Sitting?

House sitting is an amazing way to visit somewhere new without breaking the bank! As a house sitter, you take care of someone’s home and pets while they’re away. You get a free place to stay and they get free pet care.

I started house sitting to save money and to meet new furry friends! You can learn more about house sitting here.

Nicola trying spicy Sambal in Indonesia and giving a thumbs-up sign
Waiting for a bus to travel in Vietnam

About Me

I absolutely adore anything related to productivity, planning, and organization. I’ve been known to spend hours highlighting my planner while listening to a science podcast (RadioLab, anyone?)

I’ve been a runner since high school and I recently started dabbling in surfing. But don’t let my height fool you, I’m ridiculously uncoordinated when it comes to team sports, much to the disappointment of many a volleyball and basketball coach.

As a traveler, I enjoy visiting places that are a bit off the beaten path and taking my time to really get a feel for a new destination. You can usually find me in obscure little shipwreck museums, befriending lizards in the park, or writing in a coffee shop with my headphones not plugged in all the way (now everyone knows I just listened to Hamilton 9 times…)

Nothing brings me more joy than finding a good deal, and my never-ending quest for a bargain has landed me in some unique travel situations. Like that time I took an accidental 12-hour train ride across Germany, or that time I lived in a tent on the beach in Panama, or that time I spent 20 hours in the Singapore Airport (and loved every minute of it!)

This might be unusual, but I actually don’t have a travel bucket list. There are tons of places I’d like to visit one day, but I don’t have a specific list of must-see places and experiences. For me, having the flexibility to follow a new adventure when it arises is where the magic is.

Questions? Contact me here!

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