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There are so many fun things to do in Ocean City, Maryland! Ocean City is a classic boardwalk beach town. A wide, rustic boardwalk connects exciting theme parks, delicious food, and plenty of sun-soaked beach spots. You’ll have no trouble finding fun in the sun in Ocean City, MD.

When my friends and I visited Ocean City mid-summer, we felt like kids again. With miles of beachfront boardwalk to explore, the highlight of our trip was simply walking. Wandering up and down the boardwalk while discovering delicious and entertaining surprises at every turn was exactly the kind of vacation we needed.

This post will cover the best things to do in Ocean City, including foods you can’t miss and the best places to stay close to the action.

Post Updated June 2021

12 Fun Things to do in Ocean City MD

Fun Things To Do In Ocean City, Maryland

Let’s take a look at some fun things to do in Ocean City, Maryland!

Explore the Ocean City Boardwalk

The boardwalk is the heart and soul of Ocean City, Maryland. A significant chunk of our trip was spent just walking along the boardwalk – stopping for snacks or photos or to look in a quirky tourist shop when we felt like it.

Along the boardwalk, we could see people flying kites, families enjoying beach picnics, and visitors of all ages sitting on benches in the sun. Occasionally, we would peel off from the boardwalk and go dip our toes in the ocean.

It was simple, but that’s how boardwalks are supposed to be.

four kites fly in the blue sky over a row of flags waving in the breeze - fun things to do in ocean city md

Relax At Northside Park

Northside Park is the largest park in Ocean City. Head to Northside Park to play sports, get some exercise on one of the many running trails, stroll around the pond, or have a peaceful picnic with your family. There’s a great pier and water access, making this a nice, quiet spot to bring kids and pets.

Visit the Jolly Rodger Amusement Park

You’ll be able to see the Jolly Rodger Amusement Park the minute you get to Ocean City, and it’s worth letting your inner child play a few games or ride something ridiculous for the fun of it!

I’m not much of an amusement park girl myself, but my friends finally talked me into riding one of those spinning-up-and-down rides that takes you 1000 miles an hour in a circle while playing disco music and strobe lights. The three of us insisted on squishing into one bench seat so we were smashed together the whole ride, but we didn’t even care.

While a techo-version of a Justin Bieber song blared and neon lights blazed, we were flung around and around until all our worries disappeared.

what to do in ocean city maryland

Splash Mountain Water Park

If you’re looking for things to do in Ocean City Maryland with kids, the Splash Mountain Water Park is another attraction to check out. Here, you can beat the heat with water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river to cool off in.

Families love that they let you bring your own coolers and snacks, and that the Splash Mountain Water Park is located right next to a Jolly Rodger Park with go-karts and other activities.

fun things to do in ocean city md

Fish At The Ocean City Fishing Pier

The Ocean City Fishing Pier marks the southernmost end of the Ocean City Boardwalk. Here, visitors can relax with ocean views while catching an interesting variety of saltwater fish and crabs.

No fishing license is needed to fish from this spot. Visitors can conveniently rent fishing poles, nets, bait, and tackle right on the pier to try their luck in the Atlantic.

Visit the Ocean City Life Saving Museum

Next to the Fishing Pier you’ll find a little museum devoted to rescues at sea. In the Ocean City Life Saving Museum, you’ll learn about how sea rescues have been performed over generations and get a closer look at some of the artifacts that made it possible.

This museum is a great rainy day activity in Ocean City and it’s also fun for kids. There is even a little aquarium in the museum where guests can see local species up close.

See Local Art At The Ocean City Art League

The Ocean City Art League is a gallery devoted to showing the work of local artists and creators. The exhibitions feature artists from all mediums and they rotate so you’ll always be able to see something new.

The Art League also offers classes for adults and children. If you’ve ever wanted to learn pottery, painting, or glass blowing, you can do it here! On their website, you can find a calendar of classes available during your trip.

Watch The Fireworks After Dark

As we were getting ready to return to our hotel on our last night in Ocean City, we noticed lots of people sitting on the edge of the boardwalk facing the beach. We decided to stick around to see what was going on, and soon after dark, a fireworks show began.

It was a pretty impressive display, especially considering it was a Sunday evening and not a holiday. I did some research later and learned that Ocean City does beach fireworks on Sunday and Monday nights during the summer. (Update 2020: I haven’t been able to find an updated fireworks calendar for this year, but you can check the official Ocean City website for future dates).

Best Things To Eat In Ocean City Maryland

Try Thrashers Fries

We ate lots of things on the Ocean City boardwalk. We knew we had to check out the legendary Thrashers Fries first. These fries have a reputation for being the “best on the boardwalk” and they lived up to the hype.

Now, I didn’t try any other fries, so I can’t say whether or not they are, in fact, the “best” but they were pretty tasty. Also, there is the main Thrashers Fries right at the beginning of the boardwalk that has a line six miles long.

Don’t wait in that line. If you walk away from the main end of the boardwalk for a few blocks, you will stumble upon a second location of Thrashers Fries with no line serving the exact same thing.

Dinner With A View At Tony’s Pizza

After a french fry appetizer, we got dinner at Tony’s pizza. We split this marvelous veggie pizza with white sauce while enjoying the sunset from the rooftop patio.

We had a great view of the amusement park rides, especially the giant slingshot thing that shoots people way up in the air and just looks miserable. I bet the view from the top of the slingshot is pretty incredible if you can see past your terror.

Desert at Dumsers Dairyland

Eager to make this a true three-course dining experience, we made our way to Dumsers Dairyland for ice cream. Like Thrashers, there are many locations of Dumsers. There is one main one centrally located. That one has – you guessed it – a crazy long line.

Don’t wait in this line. Continue walking the boardwalk until you get to a different, less traveled Dumsers to enjoy your vanilla soft serve dipped in a chocolate shell.

Breakfast Of Champions At Fractured Prune Donuts

The morning after our boardwalk extravaganza, we knew we had to try the popular donut shop, Fractured Prune Donuts. Luckily our hotel was very close to a second location of the famous Fractured Prune (seeing a trend here?)

We tried one with honey and powdered sugar, one with glaze and cinnamon sugar, and one with sprinkles. They were cakey and hot and came out so fast we almost burned our fingers eating them.

Where to stay in Ocean City, Maryland

Planning a trip to Ocean City? Check out these awesome Ocean City, Maryland hotels that will help you make the most of your stay!

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Ocean City – Located just a short walk from the beach in a central location, this Ocean City hotel has a spacious sundeck, complimentary breakfast, and views of the bay.

Courtyard by Mariott Ocean City Oceanfront – If you’d like to be as close to the action as possible, check out the Courtyard by Mariott Ocean City Oceanfront. With comfortable amenities, beautiful decorations, and an awesome location right on the boardwalk, you might never want to leave.

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Final Thoughts: Fun Things To Do In Ocean City, MD

If you’re looking for a relaxing seaside getaway, you’ll find it in Ocean City! With a buzzing boardwalk, soft-sand beaches, family-friendly theme parks, and delicious food, it won’t be long before Ocean City feels like your home away from home.

12 fun things to do in ocean city maryland

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  1. Your granddaddy and I were young once and we drove to Ocean City often, from Yellow Springs, to get our salt water fix. We were poor of course, so we slept in the car which was a little Falcon. It was not comfortable or romantic, heat and bugs all night. We will have to go back now that we see all the wonderful places to stay and eat. And we can finally afford it, 60 years later. I need a salt air and water fix.


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