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Anyone else love a good road trip? I sure do! And our recent road trip through Portugal was definitely one of my favorite travel adventures so far!

Portugal is everything I could have imagined.

I mean, have you seen Portugal? It’s everything you could want in a travel destination – sunny days most of the year, delicious food, beautiful historical buildings along mosaic tile streets, and the pastries…

Take me back already.

10 days in Portugal definitely wasn’t enough, but it gave us the opportunity to explore three different areas and consume an enormous quantity of Pastels de Natas, so I’m not complaining.

I’m Taking An SEO Course!

The other big thing I’ve been up to this month is I’m taking an SEO (search engine optimization) course. Even for people who are obsessed with blogging like me, SEO can be a tricky concept.

Basically, there are strategies you can use in the way you layout your website and the way you write content that will help your content rank higher in google search.

So I’m buckling down now and learning something new, which is exciting and overwhelming. It also means that I perpetually have a to-do list that’s about 13 feet long, but I believe will be worth it.

For those of you who want to learn more about SEO, check out the free resources on Digital Nomad Wannabe.

I’m doing her paid SEO course now (Build Blog Freedom Fast Track), but I did all of her free email courses first to make sure it would be a good fit for me. Her blog posts and Facebook group are super helpful so that’s a good place to start.

Books and Movie Recommendations

On the plane from Europe to North America, I got to sit back, be fed little prepackaged airline meals which I low-key LOVE, drink teeny tiny bottles of wine, and watch movies.

One documentary that really stuck with me called “The Biggest Little Farm.” It’s about a family from California that dreamed of having an old school farm – one with a huge variety of fruits and vegetables and animals that all worked together as one ecosystem.

This documentary is about how they made it happen and it’s just a beautifully filmed story about how awesome nature is. It will also make you want to immediately go out and build a farm.

You can watch it here on Prime Video

I also finished a truly impressive book this month, the +900 page novel, Shantaram. This novel is inspired by true events and tells the story of an Australian prisoner who escaped from jail and fled do Mumbai, India.

I don’t even want to tell you any more because I don’t want to ruin the story, but if you’re looking for a well-written adventure book, I’d recommend checking out this incredible story.

Grab Shantaram on Amazon now!

what to see in lisbon portugal

Learning a new language!

Recently, I started taking Norwegian lessons with italki! How fun is that? iTalki is a language platform where you can have 1:1 language lessons with tutors from around the world. It’s tricky being on the “student side” of the classroom again, but my tutor is excellent and I feel like I’m actually making progress!

If you want to give them a try, most teachers on the platform offer a discounted trial lesson for your first time. They have tons of languages to pick from too! Find out more about italki here.

I’ll do a full write up of learning a language with iTalki in the future, but for now, I’ve got some more posts to optimize! UPDATE: Here’s the iTalki post! 

Talk to you guys soon!

Thanks for wandering with me!

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