The Online ESL Teacher Toolkit: 81 Activities For Teaching English Online

Looking For Fun Activities For Teaching English Online?

You’re already an awesome online English teacher! But coming up with tons of new activities to keep your lessons fresh can be time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have dozens of engaging new activities, prompts, and games right at your fingertips?

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Meet The Online ESL Teacher Toolkit!

This E-Book contains 81 amazing activities for teaching English online that you can use in your classroom again and again!

Because all activities are specifically designed for online ESL classrooms, you never have to worry about running out of ideas for your lessons again!

What’s Included?

This E-Book is a treasure-trove of ideas for all types of virtual language classrooms! The book is 85 pages long and it’s an instant digital download, so you can start reading and teaching straight away. Teachers, get ready to kick start your creativity with:

  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Dry erase board activities and exercises
  • Warm-ups and icebreakers
  • Homework assignments
  • Reward system ideas
  • Conversation prompts
  • Group activities

The best part? You can get all these amazing online teaching activities for just $12!! You’ll have tons of new ideas to use in your online classes that your students will love and you’ll save time planning future lessons!

Who Is This E-Book Best For?

This E-Book was written specifically for online ESL teachers who want to add some extra sparkle to their virtual classrooms.

If your company provides lesson plans for you:

If you work for a company that provides lesson plans, the activities in this E-Book can make excellent early-finisher activities or extension exercises.

Going above and beyond the provided lesson plans can make your classroom stand out in the best possible way! If your students are more engaged and excited during class, that could lead to more positive reviews and more bookings!

If you are responsible for creating your own lesson plans:

If you are responsible for creating all your own lessons, these activities, prompts, games, and assignments will make your lesson prep process faster and easier! That means you’ll spend less time planning and more time doing what you do best – teaching your amazing students!

What if I teach groups of students?

That’s great! There is a section with activities specifically for groups in an online classroom setting.

What level are these activities for?

This E-Book contains activities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. While not every activity will work for every level and age group, there are plenty of ideas for adults, children, and learners of all levels.

Happy Students and Time Saved? Yes, Please!!

Online ESL Teacher Toolkit Ebook + 23 Printable Reward Systems

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