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Since arriving in Belgium, I’ve been hearing about Bruges. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve been hearing about Bruges since before Belgium. My neighbor in Somerset, UK, told me it was her favorite city in Europe. On every tour I’ve taken in Belgium, the guide has made a longing reference to this city which has remained relatively untouched by time. So on Christmas Eve, Sister and I took a day trip to Bruges.

We opted to take a guided tour that left from Brussels. Bruges is an quick and scenic train ride from Brussels. Once you arrive, it is quite easy to walk from the train station into town. We enjoyed having a tour group because we got to meet friends and our guide was very knowledgable about the history and quirks of the city.

Bruges was founded as a trading town in the 9th century. The town has cycled through periods of great power and wealth for hundreds of years. Today, Bruges is a tourist destination for those eager to see what life might have looked like all those years ago.

Bruges is known for its history and charm. The town is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site and after spending the day there, it is clear why.

Bruges – a photo diary

Bruges, Belgium


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  1. Such a fun and chilly travel day! I loved the stories (particularly the love story), the old basilica and the numerous architectural bears

    • Nic Reply

      Yes! Our tour guide was so charismatic! She told the best stories, and we never would have known all that history without her!

  2. Fantastic photos—everyone is worth blowing up and framing! What a beautiful and special city.

    • Nic Reply

      You are too kind!! It isn’t hard to be charmed by Bruges!

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