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Everyone needs a beach getaway from time to time! In this post, we’ll look at 9 fun things to do in St. George Island, Florida.

The Florida coast is well-loved for being a popular beach spot in the southern USA. There are hundreds of beaches in Florida and everyone has their favorite. Mine happens to be a little strip of paradise called St. George Island.

About St. George Island Florida

St. George island is a quiet barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, just a short distance off the Florida coast. With long stretches of white-sand beaches, a calm bay filled with ocean life, and plenty of paths for hiking and biking, it’s no wonder families and travelers love getting away from it all in St. George Island.

St. George Island Florida Map

Even though it’s small (the island is less than 30 miles long), St. George Island FL is packed with things to do. This St. George Island Florida Map includes some highlights to help you get to know the general area.

9 Fun Things To Do In St. George Island Florida

St. George Island is not a place you go for a packed itinerary. It is a place you go to avoid having to do anything at all. Luckily, the island is home to plenty of relaxed activities that will keep you entertained and relaxed at the same time.

St. George Island Lighthouse

The original St. George Island lighthouse was built in 1852 but time and natural processes took their toll on the structure. Thanks to tremendous community support, the lighthouse was rebuilt and opened to the public in 2008. Now, guests can climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse and take a tour of the lighthouse museum and gift house.

The St. George Island Lighthouse is located in the center of town. Learn more about the history of the structure as well as visiting hours on the SGI Lighthouse website.

The St. George Island Lighthouse is one of many fun things to do in St. George Island Florida

St. George Island State Park

St. George Island State Park makes up the eastern-most end of the island and offers visitors miles of unspoiled beaches. Here, you can see impressive sand dunes and marshes with plenty of wildlife and nature to observe.

Birding, fishing, hiking, and biking are all popular activities in the park. You can even rent campsites!

Rent Bikes To Explore The Island

St. George Island is well connected by bike paths that take you all over the island. There are plenty of places to rent bikes on the island.

In the mornings, before the sun got too hot, my grandmother, sister, and I loved riding bikes into town while looking at all the cute beach houses. And if our morning ride happened to end with a trip to the ice cream shop, so be it.

Hire A Fishing Charter

With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Apalachicola Bay on the other, St. George Island is an angler’s dream! While you can easily fish from the shore on both sides of the island, you might want to try your luck out at sea.

Take A Day Trip To Apalachicola Town

About twenty minutes from the heart of St. George Island lies the charming seaside village of Apalachicola. Here, you can enjoy amazing dining, shopping, and museums, all just a stone’s throw from the bay. Apalachicola is particularly known for having some of the best oysters around!

Whenever we visited St. George Island as a family, we usually took one afternoon to head back to the mainland for lunch and a little exploring.

Trivia, Karaoke, and Live Music at Harry A’s

If you’re looking for a fun evening out, you can’t miss Harry A’s Bar and Grill! Trivia usually happens on Wednesdays at 7 pm so bring your team and your thinking cap! While you’re there, you can enjoy drinks from the bar and plenty of delicious menu items.

Harry A’s also has live music, Karaoke, and shows throughout the week, so it’s worth checking out their events schedule to see what’s happening while you’re in town.

Go For Ice Cream At Aunt Ebby’s

Aunt Ebby’s is a classic ice cream parlor with friendly service and big scoops located right in town. You’ll probably be tempted to stop by for a bite several times a day, and I certainly won’t judge you if you do.

Eat at the Blue Parrot Waterfront Restaurant

Eating at the Blue Parrot is such a fond memory from my childhood. Whenever we took a family trip, going out to the Blue Parrot was our big special night out and something all the kids looked forward to for months.

This Tiki-style oceanfront cafe and restaurant offers a memorable dining experience at night. and fun beach events during the day. It’s a classic St. George Island establishment and definitely worth a visit or two during your trip.

You can check the menu and upcoming events calendar on their website.

Fun in the Sun

The nice thing about St. George Island is that, because it’s so small, you’re never more than a few steps from an amazing beach. Even though there are plenty of fun things to do in St. George Island, FL, one of the best attractions on the island is the beach itself.

Every time my family goes, we spend most of the week just relaxing and enjoying time together in our own little piece of paradise. My dad loves fishing from the shore. My mom works on her knitting out on the sunny back porch. My grandmother, ever the athlete, tries to convince everyone to come on even more runs and bike rides. 

I like reading books, taking a few long beach walks, and looking ridiculous in an inner tube while blissfully floating capsizing again and again in the choppy surf.

If you want to rent beach chairs, fishing gear, and umbrellas, you can check out Island Adventures! They also have a large shop where you can buy bathing suits, sunscreen, and other beach essentials.

What To Pack For St. George Island, Florida

When you visit St. George Island, FL, prepare for lots of beach days and sunshine. Here are a few helpful beach items that will make your vacation go a bit more smoothly.

FAQ: Visiting St. George Island Florida

What are the best things to do in St. George Island?

The best things to do in St. George Island are relaxing at the beach, visiting the St. George Island lighthouse, and exploring the natural park areas. You can also rent bikes or kayaks and take a day trip into charming Apalachicola.

Is St. George Island worth visiting?

St. George Island Florida is definitely worth visiting for a relaxing beach holiday. It’s ideal for a quiet escape with fewer crowds than the beaches on the mainland, and the natural beauty around the island can’t be beat.

Is St. George Island beach crowded?

While all Florida beaches will attract crowds during the busy summer season, St. George Island is far less crowded than most because there are no large hotels and the island is only accessible by bridge.

Is St. George Island a pretty beach?

Yes! St. George Island has wide white-sand beaches lined with beautiful sand dunes and unique beach houses of all shapes and sizes.

What to do in St. George Island: Final Thoughts

St. George Island is an amazing place to relax, reconnect, and soak up the sun. There are plenty of amazing things to do, but of course, you’ll also have a great time doing nothing at all.

Have you ever visited St. George Island? What’s your favorite thing to do there?

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Things to do in St George Island Florida USA

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