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If you’re currently teaching with VIPKID or are hoping to start soon, you might be wondering how payment works with VIPKID. In this post, we’ll take a look at the new VIPKID payment system and answer the question, “How much does VIPKID pay?”

Important Update

In the years since this post was first published, VIPKID changed its online teaching platform, modified the application process, and shifted to a worldwide student base. Some of the information below is now out of date. For details about their new programs, check out the official VIPKID website.


With VIPKID, native English speakers from the USA and Canada can teach English online to children around the world. Classes are 25 minutes long and everything is run fully online. Lessons are provided for you so there is limited outside prep work, making this an awesome side hustle or remote work opportunity. And did I mention you can do it all in your pajama pants??

New VIPKID Pay Rate

Before we dive in, friendly reminder that I’m not an official hiring representative. The information in this post is based on publicly available information and is intended to help you in your research. You can always learn more by visiting the official VIPKID website.

VIPKID teachers earn a base pay rate plus incentives. The total a teacher can earn is $14-$22 per hour, according to the VIPKID website.

How is base pay determined?

During the VIPKID hiring process, you must complete an interview demo lesson. Your base pay rate is based on your qualifications, experience, and performance during the demo lesson. Base pay can be anywhere from $7 – $9 USD per class (or $14 – $18 per hour).

While the rubric for determining the base rate is not widely available, your best bet for getting a higher base pay is to carefully prepare for your VIPKID demo lesson using all the materials provided and practice, practice, practice.


Teachers can also earn incentives in addition to their base pay rate. Incentives can come from things like teaching more classes and referrals.

Does VIPKID pay for training?

No, VIPKID doesn’t pay you for training during the hiring process. You will start receiving payments after you’ve taught your first class. VIPKID does, however, provide tons of free workshops and webinars for teachers. On their website, they have a library of free videos and resources for teachers to use. You’ll also have the option of doing a free VIPKID TESOL training course while you’re going through the hiring process.

How Are VIPKID Teachers Paid?

You can choose how and when VIPKID pays you in the teacher portal. VIPKID teachers receive payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. For weekly and bi-weekly payments, the money will be transferred to you the Friday after the pay cycle ends. Monthly payments will be transferred on the 10th of the next month. This preference can be updated in your Payment tab.

VIPKID pays teachers via Paypal or direct deposit. ACH and non-ACH Banks are supported, though non-ACH banks might have a transfer fee.

How Much Do VIPKID Teachers Make?

VIPKID teachers make between $14 – $22 USD per hour. I know this is a huge gap, and here are some of the factors that play into this range.

  • Performance on the VIPKID interview and demo lesson – this is a big factor in determining base pay
  • Total number of classes taught with VIPKID
  • Incentives

Basically, the more you teach, the higher your VIPKID payout will be. Because VIPKID has no minimum or maximum teaching hours, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want to suit your needs.

The new VIPKID pay explained, how much do vipkid teachers make in 2020
How much do VIPKID teachers make? VIPKID pay rate updated for 2020

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2 thoughts on “How the VIPKID Pay Scale Works”

  1. I signed up with VIPKid this March (2020) to help pay off some debt. I did not have a mentor or any idea what I was doing- basically I have been winging it! I guess I’m doing things right because I now have regular students and decent bookings.
    I got to your blog just to print the new pay scale (to have a visual of my next goal) and ended up reading some of your posts. I wanted to let you know that this is the FIRST thing I have come across that explains VIPKid where I can understand it! You have done an excellent job with all things VIPKid, thank you! You answered questions I didn’t even know I had, lol. I have not attempted recruiting yet because I do not feel confident enough to answer all their questions. I honestly tell them they should get a referral from someone who is willing to coach and help them and that I am not yet qualified…. I will now send potential recruits to this site! I will be coming back to read more, thank you! Happy teaching 😀
    Teacher Frances BX

    • Wow, Frances you have made my day!!!! Thank you SO much for your kind words and I’m so happy my site has helped you out! Let me know if you ever have VIPKID questions down the road and thank you for connecting! Talk soon! 🙂 🙂


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