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When I heard about the Unicorn Cafe, I knew I had to see it during my time in Bangkok. I mean really – a unicorn themed cafe with rainbow desserts that encourages costumes and is walking distance from my house? Try to tempt me a little harder, Unicorn Cafe.

You can see the Unicorn Cafe from down the street because it is so pink. The building isn’t pink, but the large glass windows reveal its pink and blue pastel insides, a sharp contrast to the concrete around it.

unicorn cafeInside the Unicorn Cafe is, well, exactly what you would expect from a unicorn cafe. The furniture, all pastel, makes you feel like you’re inside a giant dollhouse. The walls, floors, and ceiling are covered in bright unicorn wallpaper. Dozens of my little pony toys line the display cases filled with florescent rainbow desserts.

unicorn cafeLet’s talk about these deserts.

I picked a pretty tame option of unicorn chocolate waffles with ice cream, fruit, and chocolate dipping sauce. Covered, of course, with rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows. It was everything I wanted it to be on a hot Bangkok day. They do offer much more rainbow and much more majestic options like unicorn rainbow toast and unicorn rainbow crepe rolls. And of course, there’s all the rainbow macaroons and rainbow cotton candy you could ever need.

unicorn cafeThey also serve regular diner food like burgers and fries, but that’s not why people go to this magical place. With a case full of rainbow ice cream, cakes, cheesecakes, and toast, who has time for burgers?

The drinks at the Unicorn cafe come with names like “Galaxy Soda” and “Unicorn Blood.” Some even have special photography instructions for how to get the best picture of your drink. Somehow, the drinks shimmer. And taking a picture with the flash on will allow you to make all your friends back home super jealous.

unicorn cafeDid I mention Costumes?

In the cafe, guests can live out their wildest unicorn dreams and rent a unicorn costume to wear while eating rainbow waffles or sipping rainbow sodas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to do this. It felt like it was 90 degrees outside and I had walked to get there. There’s no way I was putting a plush, long-sleeved, hooded heat trap on my already sweaty body. But most of the other guests were much tougher than me and chose to wear elaborate unicorn onesies, sweat and heat be darned.

I visited the unicorn cafe during a holiday weekend so Bangkok was much quieter than usual. Even on a quiet day, the Unicorn Cafe had a steady stream of visitors who posed in unicorn costumes with their rainbow treats. I imagine during a regular weekend, this place would be packed.

unicorn cafeSee it for yourself

To get to the unicorn cafe and experience the magic for yourself, take the BTS to Chong Nonsi. Walk down North Sathorn Road about a block and turn left on Soi Sathorn 8. Continue down Soi Sathorn 8 until you see the glowing, glorious unicorn in the window.

You have arrived.

unicorn cafeDesserts at the unicorn cafe are a bit pricey compared to other places in Bangkok, but I’ve spent more on midnight TacoBell back home so I have no complaints. My tasty chocolate pancakes with ice cream were 200 THB or about $6 USD. Still, for the fun atmosphere and photo opportunities, it’s worth stopping by at least once.

Have you ever been to a cool themed cafe? What was it like?

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