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Wondering where to stay in Barbados? Even though it’s a tiny island, Barbados has some absolutely fabulous places to stay! In this post, we’ll look at some of the best areas to stay around the island, as well as some top-notch hotels, resorts, and Airbnbs for every budget. 

About Barbados

Barbados is a tiny island in the western Caribbean. It’s less than 170 square miles and you can drive around the entire island in less than a day, but there are so many unique neighborhoods and landscapes to choose from! 

Whether you’re looking for a nature retreat, a luxury villa, a charming beach house, or a budget-friendly flat in the middle of the action, Barbados has something for everyone!

Where to stay in Barbados: Area Guide and Map!

Let’s take a look at some popular Barbados neighborhoods for travelers. While these neighborhoods may be close together geographically, they have very different flavors. 

Bridgetown, St. Michael Parish 

Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados and is located on the southwestern coast. Bridgetown is a port town, so you’ll likely pass through here if you do any catamaran trips or boat tours. Carlisle Bay, which offers world-class beaches and snorkeling, is also in Bridgetown.

I wouldn’t recommend staying in downtown Bridgetown since this area is pretty commercial. Instead, if you’d like to be close to town, consider staying just south of Bridgetown by The Garrison or Pebbles Beach. Here you’ll still be just a short drive or walk from downtown and you’ll also have the beach at your fingertips. 

Places to stay in Bridgetown Barbados

West Coast Barbados

Moving north from Bridgetown, you’ll head into the West Coast of Barbados. This area is also called the platinum coast because it’s home to some absolutely unbelievable mansions and resorts, including Rihanna’s beach-front villa!

The west coast has calm water and pristine white-sand beaches, with plenty of high-end restaurants, spas, and golf courses. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for a luxury holiday.

Fitts Villiage, St. James Parish

Fitts Villiage is just north of Bridgetown on the west coast. Here, you’ll have easy access to Batts Rock Beach and the famous restaurant, La Cabane. This spot is famous for being one of the best sunset spots on the island. 

Places to stay in Fitts Village 

Holetown, St. James Parish

Drive a bit farther north and you’ll get to Holetown. Holetown has a charming bar street and convenient amenities (sometimes we would drive all the way here just to go to the amazing Holetown Massey grocery store!!) You can also visit the Folkestone Marine Park, play a round of golf at the Sandy Lane Golf Course, or just relax on one of the many calm, clear beaches.  

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for something truly spectacular, this property is called One Sandy Lane and it’s one of the most exclusive residences on the island. 

Places to stay in Holetown 

  • The Sandpiper – Excellent reviews and a sweeping sun terrace with a view
  • Fairmont Royal Pavilion – Rooms, suites, and villas with two onsite restaurants and a luxurious spa
  • Golden View Apartment – Full apartment with shared pool and gardens, short walk to town and the beach. Great value for the money!

Speightstown, St. Peter Parish

Continue north along the Platinum coast and you’ll get to Speightstown, the second-largest city in Barbados. Speightstown is awesome for history buffs! This town has the oldest port on the island as well as examples of 1700s architecture like the Arlington House Museum.

Places to stay in Speightstown 

  • Port St. Charles – High-end resort overlooking the marina with outstanding reviews
  • Cobblers Cove – Peaceful beachfront location with watersports included

South Coast Barbados

Drive south of Bridgetown and you’ll shortly reach my favorite part of Barbados, the south coast! The south coast was perfect for me because it’s generally more budget-friendly, there are tons of things to see and do, and it’s got excellent beginner surf conditions. Let’s look at each neighborhood starting from Bridgetown and working our way down south. 

palmtrees and tide pools at drill hall beach, where to stay in barbados on the south coast

Hastings, Christ Church Parish

Hastings is where the south coast boardwalk begins, which gives you an easy walk to walk to beachfront restaurants and swimming spots. This area is tucked between Drill Hall Beach and Rockley Beach. You’ll find nightlife at Blakeys, brunch at Art Splash cafe, and plenty of places to grab a bite along the beach.

Places to stay in Hastings

Worthing, Christ Church Parish

Worthing starts around Rockley Beach and continues down until you reach St. Lawrence Gap. Both Rockley Beach and Worthing Beach are amazing spots to spend the day with clear water, beach chair rental, and fun beach bars nearby. 

Worthing is an extremely convenient neighborhood if you’re staying in Barbados for a while. There’s a large Massey grocery store, connections to several bus and ZR lines, great food options, and nightlife at Mojos and Tiki Bar. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods to live in because everything you need is close by. 

Places to stay in Worthing Barbados

St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 

If you’re looking for a party, you’ll find it in the Gap! St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados is the nightlife epicenter of the island. On one main street that runs along the water, you’ll find hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafes at every turn. It’s perfect for people who want to be in the heart of the action and close to Dover Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Make sure to grab dinner with a view at Castaways! 

Places to stay in St. Lawrence Gap

Oistins, Christ Church 

Oistins is known for being a calmer fishing village on the south coast. This area is more residential and there is a massive market where you can buy fresh fish right on the coast. Make sure to stop by the famous Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry for dinner and go for brunch at Surfers Cafe. With close proximity to surf, great beaches, and lower accommodation costs than some of the surrounding areas, Oistins, Barbados is a great place to call home.

Where to stay in Oistins

  • Butterfly Beach Hotel – Beachfront hotel with onsite restaurant and two pools, suites with kitchenettes available
  • Beach View Cottage – Authentic Bajan beach house with a large wrap-around porch and plenty of space for a family or group of friends
  • Little Arches Boutique Hotel – Whimsical adults-only boutique hotel with views of Enterprise Bay

South Point, Christ Church 

South Point is the best place to stay for beginner and intermediate surfers. This area is very quiet and residential. It’s best to stay here if you have a car since there is limited access to grocery stores and it’s a long walk to the bus/ZR lines. That said, the homes here are very nice with sea views and walkable surf access. Learn to surf at Freights Bay and definitely go for dinner at Chicken Ritas!

Places to stay in south point

East Coast Barbados

As we continue around the island, the landscape changes dramatically. The coast becomes more rugged and the vegetation is a dense green. Overall, the areas of the east coast are less populated than the south and west coast. The vibe is very laid back and it’s a perfect retreat for those who want some peace and relaxation. 

Bathsheba, East Coast Barbados

St. Philip Parish 

St. Philip is the southeastern area of Barbados and it’s a great place to go if you want a quiet holiday with amazing beach views. In this area, you can visit Sam Lord’s Castle, check out Bottom Bay, and go for a dip at Shark Hole. While the sea views and beaches are beautiful in this area, they generally aren’t great for swimming because the water is rough. 

Where to stay in St. Philip

  • The Crane Resort – Historical resort on the southern cliffs, overlooking Crane Beach. Some rooms have private plunge pools!
  • The Pool House – Cozy home in a peaceful area with a swimming pool

Bathsheba, St. Joseph Parish

Ahhh Bathsheba – an absolutely stunning stretch of paradise on the eastern coast of Barbados. Bathsheba is where you want to be if you’re an advanced surfer or nature enthusiast. It’s remote so you’ll want to have a car, but you can’t beat the scenery! Advanced surfers will love having easy access to several surf breaks along the coast. 

Where to stay in Bathsheba 

Best Areas of Barbados For Different Types of Travelers

The best area of Barbados for your trip will depend on your travel style and favorite activities. 

Best place to stay in Barbados for surfers

Beginner surfers should stay on the south coast near Freights Bay. Advanced surfers should look at Bathsheba or South Point.

Best place to stay in Barbados for families

If you’re traveling as a large family, a villa in Holetown could be a great option. You can also check out the Worthing/Hastings area because it’s centrally located with easy access to beaches, grocery stores, and other conveniences. 

Best place to stay in Barbados for solo travelers

Many solo travelers who we met lived on the south coast in the Worthing/Hastings area, near St. Lawrence Gap, or in Oistins. Here, there are plenty of cafes, events, and of course, endless stretches of amazing beaches. 

Cheapest place to stay in Barbados for budget travelers

If you’re traveling on a budget, Oistins is a great area to save some money and be close to the beach. If you have a car, you can look for places further inland on the south coast to save even more. 

Best place to stay in Barbados for luxury travelers

Holetown and Speightstown on the west coast are known as the more luxurious places to stay in Barbados. Here, you’ll have no problem finding stunning villas, as well as high-end restaurants, spas, and beach clubs. 

Best All-inclusive Resorts in Barbados

While all-inclusive resorts aren’t super common in Barbados, there are a few options with excellent reviews! Look at Sandals Royal Barbados in St. Lawrence Gap, Sugar Bay in Bridgetown, and Crystal Cove in Fitts Villiage.

Best place to stay in Barbados for parties and nightlife

St. Lawrence Gap is the nightlife center of Barbados. There’s always a lot going on and this area is packed with bars, restaurants, and cafes. You’re also directly on Dover Beach, one of the nicest beaches on the island. 

Best place to stay in Barbados for peace and quiet

Bathsheba on the east coast is a great place to go if you want to reconnect with nature. It’s much quieter here than on the south or west coast and the landscape feels like you’re deep in the jungle. 

Best places to stay in Barbados without a car

If you’re traveling without a car, the south coast neighborhoods of Worthing, St. Lawrence Gap, and Oistins are your best bet since they’re well connected to public transportation. Worthing and Oistins also have large supermarkets that are within walking distance to bus stops. 

Best places to stay if you’re visiting Barbados long-term

If you’re heading to Barbados for a longer visit, you might be looking for a place with more homey touches. Having access to a kitchen, reliable internet, a washing machine, and amenities like grocery stores can make a huge difference on longer trips!

Check out this post for a breakdown of some amazing long-term Barbados rentals!

My Picks! Best Accommodation In Barbados

Here are a few of my favorite places to stay in Barbados! These are places that I’ve either stayed in personally or I’ve visited because a friend was staying there. I would happily book each place again. 

The Crane Resort, St. Philip

We stayed at The Crane Resort for several nights when we first arrived in Barbados because it was one of the designated quarantine hotels. Luckily, we didn’t have to quarantine so we were able to fully enjoy the property and the amazing Crane Beach.

The rooms are large (some even have private plunge pools!) and there are tons of restaurants on site. Guests can enjoy several swimming pools with sea views and hang out at the pink-sand Crane Beach!

The Crane Resort Barbados is located on the southeast coast in the St. Philip Parish. It’s close to the airport and in a more secluded location, so it was very peaceful to stay.

South Gap Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap

The South Gap Hotel is a hotel you book for the view! It’s located right on the water and every room has an amazing view of vibrant turquoise water. The rooms are spacious and the pool area looks like it’s straight out of a travel magazine. 

South Gap Hotel is located in St. Lawrence Gap and is within walking distance to Dover Beach and tons of wonderful restaurants.

overhead view of south gap hotel pool looking out to sea on the south coast barbados

Rio Santo Residences, Worthing

 Rio Santo was the first place we rented in Barbados and we really liked it! It’s a simple apartment with everything you need for a great price.

The location is amazing – you’re literally across the street from the beach. It’s also an easy five-minute walk to the grocery store, a nice coffee shop, a lively bar and restaurant, and a delicious open-air food court. My favorite part of the apartment was the rooftop patio area. 

Rio Santo Residences is in Worthing and this Airbnb host was amazing.

Beach View Cottage, Oistins

Beach View Cottage is my dream house. A friend of mine stayed here and it was truly a home away from home. Family-style dinners around the large kitchen table, sitting on the porch listening to the crashing waves, swimming in the sea first thing in the morning – the life! 

This homey beach-front bungalow has three bedrooms so it’s spacious enough to accommodate a group of friends or a family. It’s on the bus route and very close to central Oistins, so you’ll have everything you need and more at the Beach View Cottage.

The Beach View Cottage is located on Maxwell Beach in Oistins.

Cotton House 2, Freights Bay

Cotton House 2 is another once-in-a-lifetime rental. The house is directly on Freights Bay with an enormous porch and balcony to enjoy the view. You’ll have stair access to the beach as well as a hot tub, hammocks, and plenty of space for large groups.

I have to say, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub and watching the sunset from your private patio after a long day of surfing. (Also, surfers, you can literally paddle out into freights bay from your back deck if you stay here!)

Cotton House 2 is located directly on Freights Bay.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many amazing places to stay in Barbados! No matter what kind of adventure you have in mind, Barbados won’t disappoint. 

Have you been to Barbados? Where did you stay?

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