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Bali usually gets the reputation for being an amazing foodie destination, but did you know that the neighboring island of Lombok also has a vibrant food scene? This post will cover some of the best Kuta Lombok Restaurants!

Kuta Lombok has some amazing places to snack, dine, or enjoy a coffee. Whether you’re looking for a fast lunch between surfs, a splurge dinner, or a place to spend the day digital nomad-ing, make sure to check out these delicious Kuta Lombok Restaurants.

Kuta Lombok Food Guide: Where to Eat in Kuta Lombok

Best Cafes in Kuta Lombok 

Kenza Cafe

This cafe and shop has a cute beach vibe and amazing brunch meals. You can order a fancy coffee or smoothie to go with all the brunch classics while enjoying the breezy vibes.

Kenza had solid WiFi so if you work online, this is a  good spot to use the internet for the afternoon too.

Bush Radio Kuta Lombok

Another cafe favorite in Kuta Lombok, Bush Radio has an excellent assortment of brunch dishes and smoothie bowls. You can also order entire loves of bread (my dream!) but they must be ordered a day in advance (utterly devastated when I learned this).

Bush Radio looks like an abandoned building that has been given a new life. It has been lovingly turned into a super cool modern workspace, and I could have stayed here for hours. Digital nomads, this is the spot for you.

best places to eat kuta lombok

Milk Expresso

Milk Expresso will also fill your brunch and coffee needs in this two-story open-air cafe. The coffee is some of the best I had in Lombok and I could never get out without trying one of their fantastic sweets.

One nice perk of Milk Espresso is that they have an air-conditioned shop inside the cafe where you can eat or spend time if you want to avoid the heat.

Best cheap Kuta Lombok Restaurants 

Some of the best restaurants in Kuta Lombok also happen to be the easiest on the budget. If you want a delicious and inexpensive meal, check out the restaurants below!

Mia Mia’s Kitchen Kuta Lombok 

This budget-friendly spot is packed all day because the food is made with love! The portions are small but for prices around $1-$2, you can’t beat it for a quick food break.

The traditional Indonesian meals are served Indonesian spicy, so be prepared by ordering water too. If you’re wondering where to eat in Kuta Lombok, Mia Mia’s Kitchen is a great place to start! 

Gangsta Wrap

This food truck is right downtown outside my favorite happy hour spot, so naturally, it was a regular in the Kuta Lombok dinner rotation.

These delicious Mexican and Asian style wraps made fresh by two amazing women won’t leave you hungry. They’re open from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm and also do takeaway. Make sure to try the chips and guacamole!

places to eat in lombok


Boom Burger Kuta Lombok

This budget-friendly spot is always packed with travelers and locals alike. It doesn’t look very fancy from the outside but it’s one of the least expensive places in town to grab a burger or fruit juice. They also have vegetarian options.

Nuggets Corner

Nuggets Corner serves one of the best Mie Goering’s in Indo, in my opinion. I came here several times just to get a delicious plate of hot noodles and vegetables, decorated with sesame seeds and the most fragrant sauce.

The best part is that plates cost around $2 – $3 USD so you can eat your fill without hurting your wallet.

best place to eat in kuta lombok indonesia

Best Dinner Spots in Kuta Lombok

Shu Restaurant and Bar

Shu is top of the list for its view. Located up on a hill about five minutes outside of Kuta Lombok, this bar and restaurant is the perfect place to watch the sunset, share an appetizer, and have a beer.

The Shu Restaurant in Lombok has reasonably-priced dinner options but if you do nothing else, make sure to come here for the amazing view of the town and the sea.

shu restaurant kuta lombok best nightlife kuta lombok


My favorite pizza in Kuta Lombok! Krnk is a cool, open-air restaurant with a fully open kitchen. You can watch the chefs whip up burgers and pizzas while you wait for your meal and they have competitively priced cocktails at happy hour.

I really appreciated the variety of toppings available for pizza since I’m a weirdo and I LOVE broccoli pizza.

Apparently, not many people order broccoli and feta pizza because when I came here two nights in a row and ordered it both times, the waiter squinted his eyes and said, “I remember you, broccoli girl!” before bursting out laughing. I think I found my people. 

When it comes to pizza, Krnk is definitely the best restaurant Kuta Lombok has to offer! 

Frida’s Buritto

Frida’s has got to be the best Mexican restaurant in Kuta Lombok! Frida’s Kuta Lombok serves delicious tacos and burgers long into the evening.

Every now and then they have a happy hour special with 15K ($1 USD) Bintangs but I never got a solid schedule for this, so just make sure to check the sign outside in the evening to see if the deal is on.

best mexican restaurant kuta lombok


El Bazar

El Bazar is an upscale Mediterranean spot in right in the center of downtown Kuta. The Bazar has Mediterranean favorites and the decoration makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another country.

This is one of the more fancy options in downtown but the vibrant flavors are worth the price at least one night of your visit.

Milk Expresso

Hello again, Milk Expresso! In the evening, this cute cafe turns into a delicious restaurant. On Sunday night they do 2 for 1 pasta dishes and twice a week they have live music and happy hour out on the front patio.

Check the board out front for when those days are and definitely stop by on Sunday to get your Italian fix. Or burger fix. Or brunch fix. You really can’t go wrong! 

Best Drinks and Evening entertaining spots

Palate Cafe and Bar

This spot is attached to a nice resort so it’s usually pretty full. Come after dinner for live music and entertainment long into the evening. They also have darts, a pool table, and a large projector screen where they play sports from around the world.

where to eat in Kuta Lombok, the best kuta lombok restaurants on any budget

Tree House Juice and Booze Bar

TreeHouse is by far my favorite spot to spend the evening in Kuta Lombok. This bar has a competitive happy hour every evening from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm and just an overall cool vibe.

It’s attached to The Living Room Hostel so there are always a lot of travelers around to mingle with.

Oh and did I mention the bar is up in an actual tree? That’s right, you’ll enjoy your drinks and friends in a bean bag chair high up in a real tree with amazing staff.

best places to eat in kuta lombok treehouse bar

The Bus Bar

This bar is fun because you order drinks from an old VW bus parked between some shipping containers! I know!

The guys working it are a ton of fun and the drinks are delicious. I tried a bright pink dragon fruit cocktail that the guy made by hacking open a dragon fruit right in front of me, mushing it up, and adding booze and lime. It was the color of highlighter ink and I couldn’t be more happy about it. 

where to eat in kuta lombok

Have you been to Kuta Lombok? Where were your favorite places to eat?

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