Since October, I've been traveling the world full-time without paying for accommodation. I am able to work from home with fantastic internet and privacy. This is important for my job since I tend to make a lot of noise teaching English online! Hostel roommates would probably hate me. I save a ton of money on food by buying groceries and cooking at home instead of eating out. I've never had a problem with communal living, but I definitely don't mind having my own bathroom and shower. Basically, I have been traveling with all the comforts of my own apartment. 

For free.

 House sitting makes this possible. House sitters live in someone else's home while they travel. House sitters are almost always responsible for looking after pets as well. The house sitter gets to stay in a nice place for free, and the homeowner gets free pet care and peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping an eye on things while they are away. Everyone wins!

Having the comforts of a home while on the road is a huge plus, but house sitting offers more than just comfortable accommodation. For starters, who wouldn't love having cute furry friends to keep them company on their adventures? Through house sitting, travelers get to explore places they might not have considered. On top of that, house sits are usually in residential areas, complete with friendly neighbors, beautiful green spaces to walk the dogs (if applicable), and restaurants that aren't tourist traps! House sits vary in length, but because many house sits are longer than a week, sitters really get a feel for a place and can travel more slowly.

If you are interested in traveling the world on a budget, seeing places that are off the tourist track, traveling slowly like a local, and meeting awesome people and pets, house sitting might be for you!

Resources to get started

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