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For the last few years, I’ve been traveling the world while saving money on accommodation by house sitting. I often get questions about the website I use to find house sitter jobs, Trusted House Sitters. In this Trusted House Sitters Review, I’ll explain how the platform works to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

If you’re totally new to house sitting, check out this post about how house sitting works first then come back to this one.

Before we dive in, here’s a special Trusted House Sitters promo code you can use to get a 25% discount on your trusted house sitters membership.

trustedhousesitters review

What is Trusted House Sitters?

Trusted House Sitters is one of the largest house sitting websites out there.

Here, homeowners around the world can find people to look after their house and pets while they’re away. House sitters can apply to worldwide house sitting listings.

What do house sitters do?

House sitters take care of someone else’s home and pets while they are away.

Jobs for house sitters can include taking in the mail, shoveling snow, putting chemicals in a pool, walking the dogs, giving the cats medicine, keeping the rabbits company, and pretty much anything in between.

On Trusted House Sitters, there is a lot of variation from sit to sit. In general, house sitters provide the following services:

  • In house dog sitting
  • In house cat sitting
  • Can be in house pet sitters for other types of pets too
  • Keep an eye on things around the house
  • Dealing with any mail, packages, or deliveries

How much do house sitters make?

Trusted House Sitters operates on an exchange model. Homeowners can find free house and pet sitters and house sitters can find free accommodation options. Usually, no money is involved.

This works out great for both parties because homeowners save money on pet care and get peace of mind while they are away. House sitters get a free place to stay, new pet friends, and can save money on accommodation.

I was able to house sit in Europe which saved me thousands of dollars over several months.

One of my hosts told me that the cost to board their dogs would have been more than the cost of their two-week vacation, so having me there saved them money too.

It’s a win-win for both parties.

How does the Trusted House Sitters Website work?

The Trusted House Sitters website is where you’ll make a profile, view listings, and apply to house sits. The website is well designed and easy to use.

Anyone can make a free account to browse house sits, but you’ll need to pay for a membership to actually apply.

Setting up a Trusted House Sitters Profile

To set up your Trusted House Sitters profile, log in and click on your name in the top right-hand corner. Click on “Dashboard” and scroll down to the box that says “My Sitter Profile.”

You’ll see a green button that says “Edit my Profile.” Click this button to update your information. Below are the features you can add to your profile.

I recommend adding as much as possible to make your profile stand out from the beginning.

  • Trust and Verification Documents
  • External Reviews (From a friend, landlord, employer, etc. Having house sitting reviews is a plus!)
  • The dates you are available to house sit
  • Your location
  • Profile Photos
  • Profile Video Introduction
  • A written bio including: “About me,” “why I want to house sit,” and “my experience”
  • Animal care experience

When you’re done making updates, you can preview your profile to see what a homeowner will see.

Finding House Sits

When you’ve got your profile all set up, it’s time to start finding house sits. The Trusted House Sitters website makes it easy to find sits that match your criteria, but I’d recommend keeping an open mind when you’re first starting out.

It can be hard to get sits without any reviews on the platform, so cast a wide net and apply to as many sits as you can.

Using the search features

In the top left-hand corner of the Trusted House Sitter website, you’ll see a button that says “Find a House Sit.” Click here and you’ll be taken to a page with the latest sits around the world.

In the top search bar, you’ll see a place to type in the location you’d like to go. If you’re very flexible, you can search “Anywhere.” You can also search by country, state, or city.

Next to the destination search bar, you’ll see filters for house sit duration, type of pet, local attractions, and additional filters like “Family-friendly,” “High-speed wifi,” and “Disabled Access.”

Put in your ideal criteria and hit search to see the sits that match what you’re looking for. Again, I’d recommend not going to specific at this stage because you’ll limit your options.

I applied for about ten sits before I got my first one, so consider being more flexible with your location to improve your odds.

Using the map feature

If you need some more location inspiration, click the “Map View” button on the bottom of the “view house sits” page. This will take you to a world map with house sitting listings marked with a green indicator.

As you drag the map around, you can click “redo search” to see all the house sits within a certain area. This is a great way to find sits in places you might not have considered visiting.

Appling to House Sits

When you find a house sit that fits the bill, click on the listing to read all the information. Take time to read all the details, look at the map, and make sure you’re comfortable handling all the duties the host needs.

On the listing page, you should be able to see photos, an introduction, information about the home and location, responsibilities, pet information, previous sitter reviews if possible, and the dates requested.

If everything lines up, it’s time to apply.

You want to make your application stand out as some hosts are swamped with messages. Follow these tips to make sure you get noticed:

  • Apply early, the sooner the better. You want to be one of the first messages the host receives as some will close listings after they’ve received enough applications
  • Address the pets and host by name
  • Explain who you are, why you’re interested in the listing, and your experience with the pets you’ll be caring for.
  • Ask questions about the pet routines
  • Offer to arrange a call or skype session to work out the details

Learn how to write an awesome house sitting application message here.

Confirming a House Sit

If your host is interested in using you for the house sit, you should arrange a time to skype or call to talk about the details. I’d strongly recommend doing this before confirming anything because:

  • It gives you and the host a chance to virtually meet each other
  • The host can show you around the house on the webcam and show you the pets. This helps make sure there are no surprises when you arrive.
  • You and the host can ask each other questions to make sure your abilities are in line with the house sit responsibilities.

If both parties agree, you’ll have the option to confirm the sit on the Trusted House Sitters website. Once a house sit is confirmed on the website, you’ll be able to start preparing for your trip!

You’ll also receive access to several helpful materials about your upcoming sit. Homeowners have the option to upload a Welcome Handbook which includes details about the home and house sit, emergency numbers, the address, etc.

Is house sitting safe with Trusted House Sitters?

I’ve always felt safe on house sits arranged through Trusted House Sitters, but I know that you probably want more than just one person’s anecdote before you jet off across the world to meet a stranger or welcome a stranger into your home.

Luckily, Trusted house sitters takes safety seriously and has the following measures in place:

  • Homeowners can leave reviews of sitters after the sit
  • House sitters can leave public feedback after the sit
  • House sitters are verified with either basic verification (confirmed email, phone number, and reference) or standard verification (same as basic verification with identity documents received and confirmed)
  • Extra insurance is available on Standard and Premium Trusted House Sitters plans

Trusted Housesitters Review: Pros and Cons

Pros: Why Trusted House Sitters is the best house sitting website

  • One of the larger sites so lots of listings around the world, making this a good option for long term house sitters
  • You can apply for and accept as many sits as you want
  • You can add videos and photos to your profile, making it more appealing (some other house sitting sites don’t have the video option)
  • You can choose to receive emails with new sits so you don’t miss opportunities
  • The Trusted House Sitters app is convenient for applying to sites quickly and staying in touch with your host.

Negative Aspects of Trusted House Sitters

  • More expensive than other house sitting platforms
  • With more house sitters on the platforms, sits can be very competitive
  • Sometimes you don’t hear back after applying

How Much Does Trusted House Sitters cost?

There are three Trusted House Sitters membership plans:

  • Basic Sitter: €119/year
  • Standard Sitter: €149/year
  • Premium Sitter: €239/year

All plans come with unlimited sits worldwide. The Standard sitter plan comes with extra insurance and free video calls and chats with a vet while you’re on your sit. The Premium plan comes with extra sit cancelation insurance and airport lounge passes.

Trusted House Sitters Discount Code

If you decide house sitting is a good fit for you, you can use this Trusted House Sitters discount code to get 25% off your annual membership:

Is Trusted House sitters worth it?

From my experience, trusted house sitters is definitely worth it. The platform is easy to use and offers so many options for homeowners and house sitters.

Even though it can be tricky to get your first few sits, if you apply to a wide array of sits and keep an open mind, it’s definitely doable.

Over the years, house sitting with trusted house sitters has saved me thousands of dollars in accommodation costs while traveling. It’s also allowed me to meet friends and amazing pets all over the world.

I still keep in touch with many of my house sitting hosts long after the sit finished. I have so many fond memories of long walks with new dog friends and sleeping on the couch cuddled up with my snuggly cat friends.

For anyone looking for a unique and affordable way to travel, Trusted House Sitters is a great option!

trusted housesitters review

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