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You did it! You found your ideal house sit and wrote an amazing application message. Your house sitting host responded and they think you are the perfect fit!

Things are looking good, but before you pack your bags, make sure you have all the information you need to be the best sitter possible. In this post, we’ll cover some important questions to ask when house sitting!

First, we’ll look at initial questions that house sitters and homeowners should ask to determine if they’re a good match. Then we’ll talk about questions that should be answered before the house sit takes place to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Before Committing to a House Sit

Before both parties commit to a house sit, it’s important that everyone is on the same page. Asking some basic questions can help both sitters and homeowners decide if the arrangement is a good fit.

For House Sitters: What Questions Should I Ask Before Committing to a House Sit?

When you find a desirable house sit, it’s important to know exactly what your host expects from you and what your responsibilities will be. Early in the conversation, ask the following:

  1. Tell me about a typical day for your pets. What are their routines?
  2. Do they require any special medical care?
  3. Are there any home tasks you need me to complete while I’m there?
  4. (If you’re traveling without a car) Is your home accessible by public transportation?
  5. (If you’re working remotely) Is there a reliable internet connection in your home?

For Homeowners: What Questions Should I Ask a Potential House Sitter?

If you’re a homeowner seeking a house sitter, chances are you have some questions too! Below are some ideas for questions to ask a house sitter to make sure they’re the right person for the job.

  1. What experiences have you had with my particular breed of pet?
  2. Are you comfortable taking my pet to the vet or administering medicine, if needed?
  3. Are you comfortable handling household duties, such as…
  4. What does a typical day look like for you?

Once you know which house sitter is destined to be your furbaby’s new best friend, you can work together to answer the questions found later in this post.

Where Can I Find Information About My House Sit?

Once your house sit is confirmed, you can start to flesh out the specifics.

Most homeowners will give you some basic information about your house sit while you’re in the beginning conversation stages. Once you are the confirmed house sitter for a particular job, you’ll receive more in-depth information.

If you use TrustedHouseSitters, they have a handy welcome guide feature where homeowners can input information about their pets, home, and emergency contacts. This is a great resource for house sitters and you’ll be able to see it after you’ve been confirmed on the platform.

If you aren’t using TrustedHousesitters or your hosts didn’t add a welcome guide, no need to worry. Just make sure you get the answers to these questions before your sit to make sure everyone is on the same page.

To avoid bombarding your hosts with all these questions in a massive email, I’d recommend planning a video call where you can chat about the house sit details face to face. Come prepared with this list and take notes!

Important Questions to Ask When House Sitting

Asking plenty of questions about a house sit upfront helps ensure there aren’t unpleasant surprises later. As you communicate with your host, make sure you know the answers to the following questions.

Logistics and General House Sitting Questions to Ask

  1. What date would you like me to arrive? (sometimes, hosts want a sitter to arrive the day before the sit starts so that they can handover keys and show you around)
  2. What day and time will you be returning?
  3. What is the best way for me to reach you?
  4. Who should I contact if there is an emergency?
  5. Do any neighbors have a spare set of keys? If so, which ones?
  6. What local attractions do you recommend seeing while I’m here?

Questions to Ask Before Pet Sitting: All Pet Types

  1. What are the daily routines for each pet? (Write this down!)
  2. How often would you like me to update you on the pets? 
  3. What is the phone number and address of the vet?
  4. Where do you keep the pet food?
  5. Are there any rooms or spaces you don’t want the pets going into?
  6. Is there a certain place you would like the animals to sleep?

Questions to Ask When Dog Sitting

  1. Where are the dog-friendly walking areas near here?
  2. What are the local leash laws?
  3. Are there nearby restaurants or attractions that are dog-friendly?
  4. Are there any neighbor dogs that your dog doesn’t get along with?
  5. Where do you keep the doggy bags, leashes, and toys?

Questions to Ask When Cat Sitting

  1. Where do you keep the kitty litter?
  2. How often should the litter be scooped/completely changed?
  3. Does your cat ever go outside? If so how often?
  4. Does your cat ever get treats? Where are those kept?

Home Care House Sitter Checklist

  1. What household chores/maintenance are you expecting me to do? (Make sure you know about tasks like mowing the lawn, watering any plants, caring for a pool, gathering firewood, etc)
  2. What is the internet speed at the house? (necessary information if you are planning to work remotely while house-sitting)
  3. Where can I find the internet name and password?
  4. Where is the router/modem in case it needs to be reset?
  5. On what days must the trash and recycling be taken out?
  6. Do you have any deliveries or home repair work scheduled while I am here?
  7. How do you work the appliances in the house (washing machine, dishwasher, fancy coffee maker, etc)? Where can I find the manuals for those appliances if needed?
  8. What is the address of the house?
  9. Are there any rooms in the house you would prefer I don’t go into?
  10. Are there any quirks with the house, and how can I troubleshoot them?
  11. If the house has a security system, how do I arm and disarm it?
  12. If I have friends or family living nearby, are they allowed to come over and visit?

By answering these questions before your house sit, you and your host will have greater peace of mind. Have you ever house sat or used a house sitter? What questions do you recommend asking before a sit?

Interested in House Sitting?

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42 Questions To Ask When House Sitting
questions to ask when house sitting

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