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Nestled in the rainforest on the quiet island of Bastimentos in Bocas Del Toro, you’ll find a relaxed hostel called Selina Red Frog. In this Selina Red Frog review, I’ll walk you through what to expect if you stay here and why Selina Red Frog is a top hostel in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

About Red Frog Beach, Bocas Del Toro

Red Frog Beach is part of the Red Frog nature reserve located on Isla Bastimentos. It’s just a ten-minute boat transfer from the Bocas Town on the main island, but the atmosphere couldn’t be more different.

While Bocas down is known for a vibrant nightlife scene, the Red Frog Beach area is quiet, lush, and feels totally off-the-grid.

There are no cars on the island of Bastimentos, just foot and golfcart paths zig-zagging through the rainforest connecting secluded, white-sand beaches.

Red Frog Beach is named for the brightly colored poison-dart frogs that can be seen hiding under leaves in this area. We were lucky enough to spot four of these tiny froggy friends in just three days!

How to get to Selina Red Frog

Getting to the Selina Red Frog hostel will take some time, but it’s not too difficult. From mainland Panama, you’ll first need to take a boat to Bocas Town on the island of Colon.

The boat docks near the Selina Hostel Bocas Del Toro Town and they offer a transfer service to Red Frog for $5 USD. You can also take a local water taxi from the same dock where you arrived. This should also cost between $4 – $6 USD.

The shuttle boat will take you about ten minutes and it might stop at other ports along the way. To get to Selina Red Frog, you’ll want to wait until you see the stop with all the sailboats.

You’ll cruise up to a dock in the mangroves that looks like the entrance to a resort. You’ll see lots of sailboats around since this is Red Frog Marina also.

After disembarking from the water taxi, walk along the mangrove trail, past the resort reception area, and out to the quiet main road. Follow the main road away from the resort (there’s only one way to go so you can’t get too lost).

You will see signs for the Selina Hostel along this main road. When you get to the fork, turn left following the Selina signs. The hostel is at the top of a very steep hill.

The walk will take about 10-15 minutes unless you can sweet talk someone at the resort into giving you a ride in the golf cart.


First Impressions of Selina Red Frog Hostel

The Selina Red Frog Hostel is tucked away high on a hill, making it feel very secluded and relaxing. The ambiance is peaceful and birds and insects can be heard in the rainforest pretty much constantly.

The check-in counter is under a covered patio with comfortable seating, tables, a bar and restaurant, and the iconic Selina bus. Outside the patio is a small pool area with lounge chairs, totally enclosed in vegetation.

Views like these make Selina red frog one of the best hostels in Bocas Del Toro
Views like these make Selina Red Frog one of the best hostels in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Room Choices at Selina Red Frog Review

The Selina Red Frog has a variety of room options for every budget, ranging from low-cost dorm rooms with shared bathrooms to private deluxe bungalows surrounded by rainforest.

We stayed in the micro room and the standard room during our time at Red Frog. Both had a stylish design, air conditioning, and a strong WiFi connection.

The standard room was my favorite and it had a private bathroom and an outdoor seating area. The standard room was spacious and had a lot of natural light through two large glass doors.

The Micro room was about half of the price of the standard room. Overall, it was comfortable and had all the basics.

The only downside was that it shared a rudimentary bathroom with the dorms. While the shared bathroom was never too crowded, it did look like it could use a round of repairs. It definitely wasn’t a bathroom you’d want to spend a lot of time in.

That said, for the low price point, the micro room still felt like a good value. We had privacy and a comfortable bed which was more than enough.

Overall, I would have happily stayed in either room option for a longer period of time. If you’re on a budget, stick to the micro room or dorms. If you want a bit more comfort and privacy, look at their standard rooms and bungalows.

Amenities That Make Selina Red Frog The Best Hostel In Bocas Del Toro

Relaxing Spaces

Read a book, meet new friends, or listen to live music at the main patio area. This spot was particularly magical when it rained in the afternoon. The sound of rain on the roof coupled with the panoramic greenery made for a very peaceful experience indeed.

Yoga Surrounded By Nature

The Selina Red Frog offers yoga classes on their open-air yoga studio. This second story yoga space is surrounded by trees and natural beauty, making it a lovely spot to find your zen.

When you arrive, check with the front desk for the yoga class schedule as it changes from time to time.

Trail to the Beach

One highlight of this Selina was that it had it’s own trail through the jungle down to Red Frog Beach. Not only did this make getting to the beach a breeze, but it also had an unexpected perk.

During our three days on Red Frog, we saw four little red frogs along this trail! They were usually hidden under leaves close to the pathway but one time a little dart frog hopped out right across the path where I was walking.

I was surprised we found even one frog, let alone four! And they all were found along this trail from Selina to the beach.

Community Kitchen

If you want to cook your own food while staying in Red Frog, you can do so in the community kitchen. The kitchen is open-air so it doesn’t get too hot, even if several people are cooking at once.

There is a surprisingly well-stocked grocery store down by the marina if you want to do your own cooking.

Selina Restaurant Red Frog

There is a nice restaurant and bar on the property where you can grab a meal, snack, or drink. The staff was wonderful and the Selina restaurant made a great cup of coffee.


CoWorking Space at the Selina Red Frog Hostel

There is a sprawling, luxurious coworking space at Selina Red Frog. Seriously. This place was amazing.

When I was there, it was free to use and virtually deserted the whole time. The only other people I saw there were travelers who lived on sailboats at the marina and came up to Selina for a better internet connection.

One of the sailboat residents who I met said that occasionally the signal goes down for the entire island, but that it’s usually restored quickly.

The whole time I was there, the internet connection worked great! At the time of my stay, the coworking facility was also free to use.

Is Selina Red Frog a Good Value?

The Selina Red Frog is less expensive than some of its less-remote counterparts, but the quality is the same. Red Frog Beach was an incredible little corner of Bocas Del Toro, and the Selina Red Frog allowed me to explore it while still giving me the comfort of home.

If you want to stay in one of the best hostels in Bocas Del Toro while also enjoying some natural beauty, Selina Red Frog might be a great pick for you!

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