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Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt is one of the best travel blogging courses around! In this Superstar Blogging review, we’ll break down what you’ll learn and who this travel blogging course is best for.

I’ll also share my personal experience taking the Superstar Blogging course and how it impacted this travel blog.

how to become a travel blogger superstar blogging review
Superstar blogging review, start a travel blog step by step

My Superstar Blogging Review [Updated for 2022]

I’ve always loved travel blogs. Before I started traveling, I devoured post after post by my favorite travel bloggers like Adventurous Kate, Practical Wanderlust, and Nomadic Matt. I loved reading their candid stories, recommendations, and reflections as they wandered through the world. 

When I started traveling, I started my own blog as a way to keep up with friends and family back home. I set up a shiny new website, smashed out some posts without any rhyme or reason, and spilled my travel diary across the internet for the world to see.

I loved writing about my travels and my life abroad. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I started to wonder if I could actually make money online blogging. 

So I just wrote and wrote and wrote. I took pictures, did cool things so I’d have more stories to tell, spent hours in cafes on my laptop, and waited.

For a year I wrote and waited. I thought that if I just kept at it, one day everything would click and I’d turn into a profitable professional just like my blogging heroes.

You can probably guess how that went.

Enter: Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course

Things changed when I found out that one of my favorite travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt, was offering a course called the Business of Travel Blogging.

I read through the curriculum and got really excited because it sounded like exactly what I needed to grow beyond being a teensy tiny hobby blogger.

It was January. It was cold outside and I was alone on a house sitting gig in Scotland. I had a lot of time on my hands and was eager to entertain myself indoors so I decided to sign up.

I should note that before I signed up, I read a ton of Superstar blogging reviews like you’re doing now.

Even though I’m a huge Nomadic Matt fan, I’m still frugal to my core, which, come to think of it, is probably why I’m a fan of Nomadic Matt.

I knew the course was an investment, but I had been trying to crack blogging for over a year without much success. So I opened my computer, threw back some scotch (it was very cold, and it was Scotland), and enrolled.

Unlike many of my scotch-fueled decisions, it turned out great!

Once I was signed up, I got to work. One month later, I had a completely redesigned website and had actually made my first actual dollar from blogging. (One whole dollar! I was glowing for weeks!)

For the longest time, this blog was a hobby. The course made me realize that it could be so much more.

Nomadic Matt's Superstar Blogging | The best course for starting a travel blog

Superstar Blogging Review: Content Breakdown

Below, we’ll break down the topics covered in this travel blogging course.

Module 1: Setting Up and Getting Started

This section covers all the basics of setting up your website. This lesson is perfect for those at the very beginning of their blogging journey who are feeling overwhelmed by technology and a long to-do list. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose your blog name
  • Set up blog hosting, install Wordpress, and configure it properly
  • How to use Wordpress
  • How to use Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Some basic code editing (don’t worry, it’s not scary)

Module 2: Building a Brand

In this section, you’ll flesh out your brand identity as a blogger. Among other things, this section will cover:

  • Choose your niche and create a big picture vision for your business
  • Creating a cohesive brand
  • Design a website that reflects your brand
  • Manage your time and be more productive

Module 3: Writing Content

Writing engaging content is so important for succeeding as a travel blogger. In this section, you’ll learn how to write posts that people remember and adore. You’ll also learn how to edit your writing and get a grammar refresher.

Module 4: Social Media and Networking

Explore how to use social media tools to drive traffic to your blog and find new readers. This section covers:

  • How to use Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest for travel bloggers
  • Learn about guest posting on other websites
  • How to get your work featured in the media

Module 5: SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how you get your blog posts to show up in the Google search results.

Learning travel blog SEO from the very beginning will help you get more consistent traffic down the road.

In this section, you’ll learn about how to get links back to your website, improve your domain authority, and advanced SEO strategies like keyword research and updating old content.

Module 6: Newsletters

If email marketing feels intimidating, this section will help you break it down into manageable bites. It covers exactly how to set up your newsletters with different services like ConvertKit and MailChimp, as well as ideas for how you can grow your email list.

Module 7: Blog Monetization

Many people start a blog because they hope to monetize it one day. This section shows you different ways your site can generate income like:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating digital products
  • Self-publishing on Amazon
  • Product marketing

Module 8: Partnering with Brands and PR Agencies

This final lesson covers everything you need to know about working with brands, tour companies, and PR agencies. Learn about how to make your media kit and book gigs that are right for your brand.

Why choose this Nomadic Matt Blogging Course?

One of my favorite aspects of Superstar Blogging is that it’s comprehensive. You can enroll at the very beginning of your blogging journey (your blog-ception), and it also covers more advanced topics like content monetization, brand deals, social media, and SEO.

The course offers a wealth of technical tips to help you set up your site correctly. When I did the technical modules, I made changes right away that I didn’t know had been hurting my traffic.

Nomadic Matt's Superstar Blogging | The best travel blogging course 2019

The Superstar Blogging Community

When you sign up for the Nomadic Matt course, you get access to forums and collaborative boards where you can interact with other course members. You’ll find an active group of bloggers at all levels who help each other out.

If you’re just starting out, you can get feedback on your blog name, logo, and site design. If you’re ready to network, you can find people to collaborate with. When things get tough, you have people to commiserate with. When things go well, you have people to celebrate with.

Just as an example, here are some ways the group has helped me since joining

I got honest feedback on my site layout which helped me realize that I seriously needed to rethink my menu organization

I’ve gotten very fast answers to specific blogging tech questions, like:

  • What size photos should I use so that they are clear but don’t slow down my site?
  • How do I configure this plugin to give my readers an email list opt-in banner at the top of the page?
  • What the heck is domain authority and how do I make mine go up?

I’ve been able to work with dozens of bloggers on collaboration pieces, resulting in more exposure, higher page ratings, and new blogger BFFs!

I even had the opportunity to interview Nomadic Matt himself and got a nice boost in traffic when he shared the interview on his platforms.

My Superstar Blogging Course Results

I took this travel blog course about a year after I started blogging. Before, my traffic was dabbling around 40-50 page views per day. I thought I was doing pretty good, but there’s a very good chance that 90% of those views were my family members. (Hi mom!)

In the months after taking this course, my daily page views were in the hundreds! Now, having a few hundred page views per day doesn’t make you an overnight celebrity. But I was still super excited to have significantly more traffic soon after starting this course! 

Nomadic Matt's Superstar Blogging | The best course for starting a travel blog
Monthly pageviews before and after taking the Nomadic Matt superstar blogging course

Is This The Right Blogging Course For You?

Even though this course has some advanced sections, I think you will get the most mileage out of the Nomadic Matt Superstar Blogging course if you take it toward the beginning of your blogging career.

There is so much information about WordPress and website structure and the course made me realize my site was configured incorrectly. By taking this course as a beginner, you can do things right from day one.

If you already have your blog set up and a good understanding of WordPress, the beginning modules will be a review for you. They still have valuable information, but the first few modules are definitely geared toward beginners.

After the set-up and tech modules, this course moves into advanced blog topics like SEO, affiliate marketing, partnerships, and product creation. These were all things I felt unsure about and it was great to have all the information compiled, vetted, and up to date in one easy place.

Like anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right. If you put in the work and time, this course will help guide you as a beginning blogger and give you a supportive community to grow in. 

If you’re an experienced travel blogger looking to learn new skills, I recommend checking out the Travel Blog Prosperity membership as an alternative.

Nomadic Matt's Superstar Blogging | The best course for starting a travel blog
Working on an earlier version of my website from a cafe in Bali

How Much Does The Superstar Blogging Course Cost?

Nomadic Matts Superstar Blogging course is a one-time payment of $99. You’ll get instant access to all the course materials as well as the collaboration board, forums, webinars, and other helpful resources.

Superstar Blogging Review Final Thoughts

Overall I’m very happy I took this course. It’s one of the top blogging courses out there and it was a good investment for my blog.

I’ve referenced the material in this course time and time again, even months after finishing it. I use the networking group all the time and have met some of my best “blogger friends” through my connections to Superstar Blogging.

The Business of Travel Blogging course gave me technical and practical steps I could take to grow my blog. It got me excited and inspired to make blogging a career.

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5 thoughts on “Superstar Blogging Review 2023: Beginner Travel Blogging Course”

  1. Very nice review—it sounds like this course really gives solid information and the inspiration to get it done. So glad you found it—I love reading your stories! 🙂

  2. Hey Nic! I joined Matt’s course about a month ago and it’s so encouraging to hear you’ve had success with it! I started a part time job recently so the course took a back seat for a while and I was getting stressed about if I could actually make this blogging thing work. I SO appreciate you sharing this!! Just signed up for your email list, look forward to connecting and reading more about your journey 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! I definitely understand that – I’ve had super productive times with my blog and times when it was hard to keep up with. The nice thing is you can always pick it up again when the timing is right! 🙂 You can definitely make it work and please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or just want to chat! 🙂 Happy Travels!

  3. Hi Nic. Many thanks for this inspirational post. With just a little trepidation and no booze for support – sadly, too early in the day 😉 – I’ve just signed up for this course.

    • Yay!! 🙂 I hope you love it and feel free to reach out if you have any questions along the way! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your blog once it’s started!!


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