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If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) but don’t know where to start, Fully Booked VA by Horkey Handbook can help! This virtual assistant course will help you go from feeling overwhelmed to being fully booked with training, support, and coaching every step of the way.

Fully Booked VA, which used to be called 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success, is now open for enrollment. In this Fully Booked VA review, we’ll look at who this program is best for and what to expect once you enroll.

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What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Before investing in a virtual assistant training course, it’s important to understand what exactly virtual assistants do. Put simply, virtual assistants can help with any administrative or creative tasks that a business needs. It’s amazing how many tasks can be done virtually these days!

Many virtual assistants do tasks like:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer support
  • Pinterest management
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Blog post writing and content creation
  • Email management
  • Real estate management
  • Website design
  • Project management

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Almost any business task that can be done remotely can be handled by a virtual assistant. As a VA, you get to work online with tons of flexibility while helping other business owners achieve their goals.

Need more ideas? Click here to get a free list of 275 services you can offer as a virtual assistant!

Why Take A VA Training Course?

A VA training course is the best way to start working as a virtual assistant as soon as possible. Courses created by people who have been in your shoes and succeeded can save you so much time and headache.

Sure, you could read thousands of articles and watch every YouTube video under the sun, but that could mean a lot of wasted time and you risk encountering out-of-date information. It’s also hard to get personalized, specific feedback when you’re going it alone.

I went through this myself with blogging.

For years, I tried to figure out how to make a blog work all by myself. When things weren’t clicking, I finally invested in a blogging business course.

Immediately I was able to fix things I hadn’t even realized I was doing wrong and my site started to look more like a business and less like a hobby.

I also connected with a group of bloggers who had the same goals as me, which has led to lifelong friendships.

By taking a virtual assistant training course, you could start working as a virtual assistant faster and avoid some of the mistakes we all make when starting something new. You’ll also have a community of peers and mentors going through the process with you which makes it more fun!

What is Fully Booked VA?

Fully Booked VA is a virtual assistant membership program by Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook. It includes a self-paced course called VA Foundations (formerly called 30 Days or Less to VA Success) as well as ongoing coaching, support, feedback, and resources to grow your business.

Fully Booked VA is an entire system for how to get started as a virtual assistant, specialize your offerings, and scale your business. You’ll learn how to set up your business for success and build momentum to reach your goals.

Who Teaches the Fully Booked VA Course?

Gina Horkey is the main instructor in this program.

Gina started working as a virtual assistant in 2014 when she was unsatisfied with her traditional job and wanted something more flexible.

She landed her first client in one month and eight months later, she left her job to become a virtual assistant full time. Now, Gina helps other aspiring VAs make their online income dreams a reality too.

What do I get in the Fully Booked VA membership?

The Fully Booked VA Course includes lifetime access to a virtual assistant foundations course as well as six specialized trainings.

You’ll learn how to establish your online presence, find your first clients, and offer services you love. You’ll have access to modules about onboarding new clients and managing multiple projects at the same time, as well as automating your processes to save time.

In addition to the course, Fully Booked VA includes unlimited live weekly coaching calls, dozens of templates, workbooks, and trackers to use in your business, and advanced specialization training.

You’ll also get access to 12 months of client leads to help you find customers.

Who is Fully Booked VA by Horkey Handbook best for?

Fully Booked VA by Horkey Handbook is a great option for people who have an idea about what their service offering might be but need some help fleshing it out.

  • Maybe you’re a blogger who understands social media marketing and content writing, but you don’t have a clue how to price your services or find clients.
  • Maybe you have in-person office administrator experience but aren’t sure how to translate that into an online job.
  • Maybe you’ve always had an eye for design but need some help to turn it into a business.

You might be surprised how much you already know how to do! This course will show you how to turn your existing skills into a profitable career.

This course is also an awesome fit for those who want to dive deeper into the following specialization tracks, since advanced trainings in these areas are included.

  • Social media and community management
  • Customer service and admin
  • Content marketing
  • Tech and automation

Fully Booked VA Review: Pros and Cons

Pro: Fully Booked VA has lots of happy students who have found jobs shortly after getting started. Enrollees have a high level of support in the program, which enables people to get their VA business up and running quickly. This is great if you’re looking for hands-on support, weekly live office hour sessions, and the opportunity to network with peers in your field.

Pro: After you join, you get access to 12 months of client job listings. This means you don’t have to worry about hunting for customers on your own. You’ll have access to legitimate job opportunities right out of the gate.

Pro: Fully Booked VA includes specialized training for social media management, customer service, content marketing, and tech and automation. Many of these modules were previously sold as individual courses, but now you can have access to all of them in one place. If you’re particularly interested in one of these niches, this course would be a great option!

Con: This course focuses is on leveraging your existing skills into a virtual assistant business. There are modules about how to identify your unique abilities and future services, but if you’re looking for tutorials about how to do different virtual assistant tasks, it might be best to revisit this course later in your journey.

Luckily, most people find that they have more marketable skills than they realize.

How much does Fully Booked VA Cost?

Fully Booked VA costs $1000. It includes:

  • Lifetime access to the basic Virtual Assistant foundations course plus a virtual assistant certificate upon course completion
  • Unlimited access to specialization training, live group coaching sessions, templates, and printables
  • 12 months of access to special client leads

If you want to continue your access to client leads after your 12 months are up, you can extend your membership for $500/year.

Still on the fence? This article by Gina that talks about How to Become a VA in more detail, including what types of jobs you can do.

Final Thoughts: Fully Booked VA Membership

The Fully Booked VA training program is a comprehensive resource and community for people who want to take their virtual assistant business to the next level. You’ll get access to the Virtual Assistant Foundations course, client leads, live office hours, specialized skills courses, and ongoing mentorship and guidance.

If working online as a virtual assistant sounds like a dream come true, it’s definitely worth giving Fully Booked VA a look!

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