what is it like to be a virtual assistant?

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Ever wondered what is it like to be a virtual assistant? In this series of interview posts, we will be talking about different ways to make money online. Today, the wonderful Amanda Kime tells us what it’s like to work remotely as a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants (also known as VAs) can do a wide variety of tasks for businesses, including copywriting, social media, website work, graphic design, bookkeeping, and much more! With more people than ever taking their businesses online, the demand for virtual assistants is only climbing.

I met Amanda through Instagram and we bonded over our love of travel, teaching ESL online, and cats doing adorable things. Her virtual assistant services are top-notch and she’s an all-around lovely human, so of course, I wanted to pick her brain about what it’s like to be a Virtual Assistant!

If you’ve ever wondered if an online job as a virtual assistant would be a good fit for you too, read on!

what is it like to be a virtual assistant

Amanda Kime

Virtual Assistant

Amanda is a virtual assistant who specializes in helping digital nomads and bloggers have more free time to focus on their businesses and lives. She’s worked and lived in Australia and South Korea. When she’s not building her business, she enjoys hiking, reading under trees, and planning her next adventure.

Tell me about yourself! Where are you from and what do you do?

“Hi, I’m Amanda. I was born in…”  Just kidding!  I’m a native Pennsylvanian who discovered a love for travel through a few “happy accidents.”  Currently, I live in my hometown near Harrisburg, PA in the United States.  I have a cat, named Jangmi, that I adopted while I was teaching English in Daegu, South Korea.  She is my furbaby and the boss of our family.

I work as a general administrative Virtual Assistant. This means I perform a larger variety of tasks for my clients.  I’m working on identifying a niche service that I will specialize in.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

A virtual assistant can be very similar to the administrative assistants you see in many office buildings.  Many VAs start off by offering general administrative services, like inbox management and social media scheduling, to people who have in-person or online businesses.  The beauty of being a virtual assistant is that the types of services you offer are seemingly endless!

Often, as they progress further in their businesses, VAs will “niche down” or focus on a specific service (Pinterest), industry (real estate), or a service AND industry (Pinterest for real estate brokers).

What made you decide to become a Virtual Assistant?

I had thought about it for some time but didn’t think I was skilled enough.  It wasn’t until after I signed up for an online business creation course called Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp, that I decided to get serious about becoming a Virtual Assistant.

I have lived abroad for extended periods of time in Australia and South Korea, I really enjoyed seeing how people in other parts of the world lived.  (Aka – I loved the freedom and wanted to have the option to live where I want.)

Whereas with a typical office job, you have to live WHERE the work is, which may not be the place you want to be. For various reasons, I’ve not been lucky in the job-hunting world.  So, I decided to “make my own thing.”

How long did it take you to get up and running?

I would say that it took me about 2 months to start working.  I had a casual client before officially launching my website in January of 2020.  However, VAs can start working more quickly than that.  I took my time because I wanted to work through the business creation course I was in. 

There are courses out there that teach VAs to get their business together in anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Where do you find clients and resources for your VA business?

I find most of my clients through Instagram, Facebook, and referrals/ word of mouth.  Most of my resources have been found on social media and using Google.

If someone is just getting started with VA work, search on Google or on your favorite social media platforms for information.  There is a lot out there!

How many hours do VAs usually work?

VAs can work as many or as little hours as you want.  It’s a very flexible job and you can design your business to fit around your family and the lifestyle you want to have.

How much money do Virtual Assistants make?

The sky’s the limit!  It depends on the services you are offering.  Many VAs charge based on a project basis or hourly.  Your time is your most valuable asset.  Depending on your experience, start charging between $30 to $40 per hour.

VAs can absolutely earn six figures when they scale their businesses.  Many VAs will transition from offering 1:1 services to coaching other VAs or creating an agency that helps match entrepreneurs with VAs.

What does a day in your life look like?

Creating order is VERY important when you are working from home and for yourself.  There are so many distractions!

I typically start my day by writing in my Five Minute Journal and saying some affirmations.  I like to go for a walk and ease into my day.  After that, I check my DMs and emails.  I also do weekly check-ins with my clients. 

I reserve my Mondays for working on the behind-the-scenes parts of my business (ie – updating financials, my leads tracker, and random tasks).  I don’t take client calls on these days. 

Tuesday-Friday I will work on client work and have calls with my coaches or clients.  On Fridays, I also schedule time for learning and check-in on my weekly goals.

Every VAs work schedule is different.

What are your favorite things about working as a VA

I love the flexibility I have with my schedule and the ability to work from anywhere.  Working as a VA gives me the freedom to travel whenever I want because my work can come with me.

In addition, I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to commute anymore.  Commuting always made me feel tired and frustrated as well as feeling like a huge waste of time.  Now, my commute is from my bed to my desk!

What are your least favorite things about working as a VA?

Learning to create structure in my schedule has been a challenge.  I am a person who thrives on having a routine.  

Working from home can also get quite lonely.  I’m glad I have a group of business friends to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

If you were to help someone else follow in your footsteps, what would you recommend they do?

First, find a mentor, coach, or someone to help you.  It’s scary to invest in yourself but will help you get started on the right path.  You can also take a course to get you started.

I recommend:

My second piece of advice is to find a way to network and meet other entrepreneurs who are working online

Working from home can be lonely.  And explaining what you do is sometimes difficult to people who have always worked 9-5 jobs.  By joining a course or a Facebook community geared towards virtual assistants/ entrepreneurs, you will begin to make connections and friendships.

The last thing I will say is “Don’t wait!”   You will never feel ready to start your business.  Get started.  Messy action is better than inaction.  If you are not happy with your current career, job, or life YOU have the power to change it.

For any readers who might be looking to hire a virtual assistant, what services do you offer?

I offer Content Creation (Content Repurposing or Blog Editing/ Writing), YouTube Management (Channel Start-up or Monthly Channel Management), and Custom monthly retainer packages where the client chooses 1 or 2 services from my a la carte menu. You can read more about my services on my website, www.AmandaKime.com.

Virtual Assistant Job Summary

  • Tasks: Administrative services, inbox management, social media scheduling, blog post writing, content research, create graphics, Youtube management, Podcast editing, website maintenance, and more
  • Requirements: organization, self-discipline, ability to work with a variety of clients, knowledge about administrative tasks and online platforms
  • Pay: $30 – $40/hour
  • Hours: Flexible
  • Free Live Class: How To Work From Anywhere As A Virtual Assistant!
  • Best Virtual Assistant Courses: Read more here!
what is it like to be a virtual assistant

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