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If you’re interested in making money online as a virtual assistant (VA), you might have looked into taking a virtual assistant course! One of the most popular virtual assistant courses around is called 90 Day VA.

In 90 Day VA by Esther Inman, you’ll learn comprehensive skills training and how to start your own virtual assistant business in less than 90 days! This 90 Day VA review (updated for 2023) will help you decide if it’s the right course for you.

90 day va is one of the best va courses around

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who provides remote support to a business owner or creator. Virtual assistants handle any part of a business that can be done online and outsourced. The cool thing about becoming a virtual assistant is that virtual assistants can do pretty much everything!

VA’s work for bloggers, businesses, startups, local companies, influencers, YouTubers, authors, or anyone with an online presence. Because VA’s can do a wide range of tasks, virtual assisting is one of the most flexible online job options available.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, many virtual assistants offer services like:

  • Copywriting and ghostwriting for blogs
  • Social media marketing and management
  • WordPress maintenance and tech support
  • Administrative tasks for other business owners
  • Typing and formatting products
  • Youtube and Podcast editing
  • Bookkeeping and data entry
  • Customer service and support

Because you’ll be working for yourself, you can actually choose which virtual assistant services you like doing and do them as much or as little as you want. Talk about flexibility!

You can check out this guest post by Amanda Kime to learn more about what virtual assistants do!

Why Take A Virtual Assistant Course?

Becoming a virtual assistant has a lot of moving parts. You’ll need to learn skills that you can offer as a virtual assistant and how to set up an effective freelance business to keep your clients happy.

Virtual assistant courses are often created by successful VAs who want to help others follow in their footsteps. In a virtual assistant course, you’ll learn essential virtual assistant skills and you’ll be able to launch your VA business quicker than if you tried to do it alone.

Taking a virtual assistant course will show you how to become a successful virtual assistant without starting from scratch. You’ll learn valuable skills and tips, as well as get access to practical business tools like templates, contracts, and swipe files to make your launch smoother.

Virtual assistant courses also give you a network of mentors and peers for support and encouragement.

What Is The 90 Day VA Course?

90 Day VA is one of the most popular virtual assistant courses around and it has over 2,500 students. In this course, students receive comprehensive virtual assistant skills training, tools to launch their VA business, an enormous network of support, and job opportunities.

90 Day VA is notable because it includes 6 months of access to a private community where new virtual assistant jobs are posted every single day, just for students. This makes getting your first VA job much easier.

Who Teaches The 90 Day VA Course?

The 90 Day VA course was created by Esther Inman after she had been earning a reliable, remote income as a virtual assistant for many years.

Esther began her virtual assisting adventure because she was a military spouse who moved around frequently. She wanted a worthwhile, well-paying career that she could do from anywhere, so she taught herself how to be a VA.

As her success as a virtual assistant grew, friends and family members started asking her how they could work from their laptop too!

After helping dozens of people start their own virtual assistant businesses, she put together everything she had learned into one comprehensive program: 90 Day VA.

Now, Esther’s business has grown into a huge resource for aspiring remote workers.

On her website, the Virtual Assistant Internship, you can learn about legit online jobs, digital nomad life, and training resources like the 90 Day VA course, the Remote Resume Blueprint, and the Work From Anywhere Virtual Summit.

Who Is 90 Day VA Best For?

The 90 Day VA course is best for someone who is new to the VA world and wants to get started fast. Because it offers skills training, you don’t have to be a Pinterest whiz or YouTube superstar before enrolling. You’ll learn these skills and more so that you have everything you need to land your first job.

This course is also ideal for anyone who wants access to tons of virtual assistant job listings curated by Esther’s team. In my opinion, this is one of the most valuable parts of the course because it means students find their first clients faster than they would on their own.

Even if you already have all the VA skills you need, getting access to these exclusive jobs could be well worth the price of the course.

You do not need to have experience or a degree to become a virtual assistant. You’ll just need a laptop or computer, a smartphone, and a high-speed internet connection. You should also have a good command of the language you wish to offer VA services in.

What Will I Learn In 90 Day VA?

All 90 Day VA participants will get lifetime access to 11 course modules that show you how to do virtual assistant work, find your first client, and start working online for yourself.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn:

  • Laying foundations: how to work online for others
  • Content marketing and content repurposing: You’ll learn necessary skills so you can offer this service for clients
  • Blogging and Copywriting: How to write content for businesses and posts that perform well in the search results
  • Social Media Management: Learn the ins and outs of all the popular social media platforms so you can offer this service
  • Podcast Management: You’ll know exactly how to run the behind the scenes side of a podcast for a business owner
  • Video Editing: Create epic videos for your client’s YouTube channels and other platforms
  • Email Marketing: Learn how to use popular email tools to set up newsletters, campaigns, and broadcasts for clients
  • Website Management: How to help clients run things behind the scenes regarding their websites
  • Project Management and CRM Tools: Everything you need to take on multiple clients and stay organized
The curriculum of the 90 day va course

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the skills you need to get your first paying clients and start making money online as a virtual assistant! But Esther actually takes it a step further with some valuable bonuses!

What Bonuses Come With 90 Day VA?

In addition to the training modules above, you’ll also get two big-ticket bonuses.

First, you’ll get the VA starter pack, which includes 7 training videos about how to find and land clients. It also includes onboarding templates and contract templates you can use when someone says yes!

In the VA starter pack, Esther goes over all the insider details about taxes, healthcare as an online worker, and how to write your virtual assistant resume so you stand out from the crowd.

You’ll also get 6 months of access to Esther’s private community and the virtual assistant job board. Here, you can find exclusive job listings and opportunities. You’ll get monthly group calls and a safe place to ask questions and get honest feedback.

Register for the Free Virtual Assistant Workshop

90 Day VA Review Pros & Cons

This 90 Day VA review wouldn’t be complete with a look at the pros and cons, so let’s talk about the highs and lows of this course.

Pros Of 90 Day VA

One of the biggest pros of 90 Day VA is that you don’t need to have a ton of prior knowledge, or a degree, or lots of experience to get started. As long as you have a laptop and a high-speed internet connection, you’re good to go!

Because this course includes virtual assistant skills training, you’ll learn how to do the tasks that you’ll provide as a VA. Having some experience in fields like social media, content writing, video editing, etc is a bonus, but it’s not required to get started.

I love how the course comes with 6 months of a private Facebook community to give you support when you’re first starting out. It’s tough to start a new job, and online work, in particular, can be isolating. Esther makes sure you always have a place to ask questions and get support.

Lastly, 90 Day VA just has incredible student reviews across the web! It’s hard to look through any remote work Facebook groups and not see people gushing about what they learned in this course.

If you want to see what I mean, or are wondering “Is 90 Day VA legit?”, the program info page is full of testimonials.

Cons Of 90 Day VA

The 90 Day VA students that I’ve talked to have loved the program and didn’t see any major cons. That said, one potential downside is that the course teaches so many skills that it would be impossible to go extremely in-depth in every single area.

In the future, if you really wanted to niche down and offer specialized VA services (for example, custom web design or advanced SEO) you might want to do additional training in that particular area.

How Much Can I Make As A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant pay varies depending on the type of task you’re doing and what rates you choose to charge.

After you go through the 90 Day VA course, you’ll have six months of access to private job listings that are found by Esther and her team. These job listings start at $15 USD per hour for beginner virtual assistants in entry-level roles.

After you have more experience and specialization, it’s common for VA’s to charge around $30-$40 USD per hour.

If you want to learn more about what actual students from 90 Day VA charge for their services, you can check out these student case studies!

Take A Free Virtual Assistant Class!

If you’re not quite ready to sign up, check out Esther’s free virtual assistant online class! Here, you’ll learn more about what VA’s actually do, who hires VA’s and case studies about what makes virtual assistants successful.

In the training, you’ll learn more about who Esther is and her journey to becoming a VA. If you watch all the way to the end, you’ll also get a free surprise that will help you in your virtual assistant adventure, so that’s a super nice bonus to grab!

If you’re on the fence about virtual assisting, the free training will give you more clarity if this is the right direction for you.

Register for the Free Virtual Assistant Workshop

How Much Does 90 Day VA Cost?

There are two payment options for the 90 Day VA course. Students can enroll for:

  • One payment of $997
  • 12 monthly payments of $97

How Do I Sign Up For 90 Day VA?

90 Day VA is open for enrollment three times per year, but you can also join any time after watching the free virtual assistant online class.

If you check out the main website and it says closed for enrollment, sign up for the free class to watch the training video. Once the video starts, you’ll see a large pink button at the bottom of the screen where you can enroll.

Final Thoughts: 90 Day VA Course Review

The 90 Day VA program is one of the best virtual assistant courses for people who want skills training, business-building support, and exclusive access to potential clients. If you want to start working online and building your own successful virtual assistant business in less than 90 days, this is the option for you!

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