You wake up to green and gold light streaming through your screened windows. The air is damp and hot. Your mosquito net is tangled around your legs and your hair is stuck to your face from the humidity. Still, the delicious smell of blossoming flowers outside your window makes you smile. Outside, there are no sounds of civilization - only the roar of jungle insects, two birds chirping, and a family of howler monkeys somewhere far away.

You pad out into your rustic kitchen and make some Costa Rican pour-over coffee using a metal stand and burlap filter. It is bold and fantastic, just like you. As you sit on your porch, enjoying a warm morning breeze while sipping your deliciously thick coffee, you can see the beach in the distance. It’s deserted, and you are excited to have the surf all to yourself later this afternoon.

For adventurous travelers out there, this sounds like a vacation in paradise. Lush forests, exotic wildlife, and crystal clear beaches - yours for the taking. How nice it is to get away from it all, to be one with the world, to travel, to be free. 

But what if this wasn’t your vacation? What if you could stay here as long as you wanted without a massive savings account and without forgoing a paycheck? What if you could work online in this tropical haven? Better yet, what if you could work online from anywhere in the world?

I’m talking about a normal job with a solid hourly wage, flexible schedule, minimal prep work, and awesome clients. This is a job you can put on your resume when it's all said and done - a job where you actually make a difference.

I’m talking about teaching English online.

Teaching English online isn’t only for teachers. You don’t have to have classroom experience or an education degree. As long as you are a native English speaker with a Bachelor's Degree and some experience working with children, you are eligible to teach English online with most companies.

On this blog, I talk about my experience with VIPKID, one of the largest online English teaching companies out there. Since starting with VIPKID, I’ve house sat in three countries, hiked Costa Rican waterfalls with my dad, and enjoyed wine under the Eiffel tower with my sister.

I love to travel. I always have. I also love stability and not stressing a dwindling savings account that will ultimately decide when I have to go home. I love traveling without an end date because I don’t have to go back to a job.

My job is already here.

If you are interested in teaching english online as a way to see the world, you have come to the right place. In the articles below, you will find everything I’ve learned about traveling full-time while teaching online - how to get started, what to bring with you, what to expect on the road, and some of the less glamorous parts of the job.

General Information

teaching online vs classroom

How teaching online is different from teaching in the classroom

I taught in a public school in South Carolina for three years before transitioning to life on the road. There were many things I loved about teaching in the classroom, and there are many things Read more…

The pros and cons of teaching English online

The Good, the Bad, and the WiFi – pros and cons of teaching English online

I’ve had an overwhelmingly great experience teaching English online, so much so that I write a blog about it! That being said, nothing is perfect. While I usually spend my days rambling on about how Read more…


VIPKID information

An Overview of Teaching English Online with VIPKID

Since October, I have been traveling full-time while house sitting. I support myself by teaching English online with VIPKID. My experience as a VIPKID digital nomad has been amazing! Before this, I was a classroom teacher Read more…

My Nomadic Classroom

My Nomadic Classroom – the ultimate prop list for traveling VIPKID teachers

When I was a classroom teacher, I loved having plenty of school supplies on hand! In my eyes, there was no such thing as too many posters, models, dioramas, glue sticks, and markers. Now that Read more…

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A day in the life...

A typical day teaching English online while house sitting in England

Rich in history and rolling farmland views, Somerset, England was a very nice place to call home for a month. While visiting this British countryside paradise, I taught English online while house sitting. My house Read more…