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For many bloggers, selling digital products is a great way to make money online! An ebook is a popular type of digital product to make, but you might be wondering what to write about and how to make money selling ebooks.

That’s where the E-book Ninja course comes in! In the ebook Ninja course, you’ll learn exactly how to make an ebook, sell your ebook online, and use affiliate links within the product so you make money long into the future!

This e-book Ninja review covers what to expect if you enroll in the course and who this course is best for!

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how to make money selling ebooks online ebook ninja review

What is an E-book?

An ebook is a self-published digital book that you can sell on your blog or website. Typically, ebooks are informational. They help a reader do a specific task or learn a new skill.

I’ve seen successful ebooks for planning solo trips, Pinterest marketing for business, landing your first sponsored blog post, taking better photos on your smartphone, and cupcake decorating. The options are endless!

Ebooks are usually sold as a single PDF document that the customer downloads. Some ebooks have links within them to videos, but this isn’t a requirement.

Why should you sell an ebook?

In blogging, ads, affiliate marketing, and digital product sales are popular ways to earn income. If you want to create your first digital product, Ebooks are a great place to start because they are quick to create and provide value to your audience.

Because they’re digital, you can sell your ebook to an unlimited number of people, meaning the earning potential is endless. And even better, your ebook can be available for sale long into the future! Selling ebooks online could earn you passive income months or years down the road, which is pretty awesome!


Why invest in an e-book course?

With any new skill, you can try to figure it out by yourself or learn from someone who has been there before. Investing in an e-book course will help you launch your digital product faster. You’ll quickly learn tips and strategies that might have taken annoying trial and error to figure out alone.

If your goal is to make money on your ebook as fast as possible, a small investment up front could save you time and frustration. And if you choose a start-to-finish course like E-book ninja, you’ll also learn strategies to market, promote, and launch your ebook which could result in more profit.

As someone who has launched several digital products, I can tell you that there is a LOT of learning that happens along the way. Some things took me years to figure out alone, (like writing sales pages… woof, my first ones were rough) and I’m sure I would have launched my products much quicker if I had guidance along the way.

By taking a course that explains the logistics of making and selling your ebook, you free yourself up to focus on the fun stuff: creating an awesome product that your readers love!

About E-book Ninja

Ebook Ninja is a course by Megan Johnson from It includes everything you need to conceptualize, create, market, sell, and profit from your very first ebook!

E-book Ninja puts a unique spin on digital product creation. Other ebook courses teach you how to make an ebook, and that’s it. But e-book ninja goes a step further. In addition to learning how to make and sell your ebook, you’ll also learn how to incorporate affiliate links within your product so you earn passive income even after the initial sale.

Megan is a great instructor for this topic because she has successfully published several ebooks herself. In her course, she shares her secret sauce for creating ebooks with affiliate marketing. (By adding affiliate links to her ebooks, Megan almost doubled her total ebook income!)

Ebook Ninja Course Outline

The Ebook Ninja course will show you how to make money selling ebooks step by step. Here’s a closer look at what the course covers:

  • Ebook Topics for Every Niche: Get ideas for what to write about in your ebook and ideas for affiliates you might want to incorporate.
  • How to find affiliate programs and use them in your ebook
  • Writing and formatting your ebook so it looks professional
  • Marketing, Promoting, Launching, and Selling guide
  • How to create a sales page for your ebook and price it correctly

Ebook Ninja Review: Pros and Cons

E-book Ninja Pros

I love how Megan includes more than just written course materials in this program. The course also has tutorial videos and workshops included for free, which add so much value to this budget-friendly course! In addition to the information outlined above, you’ll also learn:

  • How to make a sales page tutorial
  • Distributing your ebook tutorial
  • How to make a 3D ebook cover tutorial
  • Using Pinterest to grow your email list training

Students also love how the course is updated for life, meaning you always get the most current tips and tricks. As with all her courses, Megan is available to answer questions throughout the program and into the future.

E-book Ninja Cons

Because e-book Ninja is available for such an affordable price point, I can’t find any major cons. You get a complete system for how to make an ebook from start to finish with ongoing support, which is such a good value for the price.

One downside could be that some niches might have a harder time coming up with ebook ideas than others. The course includes ebook topics for the following niches, but if you’re in a different niche it might be more challenging to come up with a book concept.

The course includes sample e-book topic ideas for these genres:

  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness
  • Marketing and Technology
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Fashion and Beauty

Who is this ebook course best for?

This ebook is best for bloggers who want to make money selling their own products. You’ll probably have more success selling your product if you already have an audience, but the course is appropriate for beginner bloggers too.

(If you don’t have an audience yet, consider taking Pinterest Ninja in addition to Ebook Ninja to get more traffic and email subscribers!)

Why is this the best ebook course?

Ebook Ninja is the best ebook course because it teaches you how to make an ebook with affiliate links so that you make money even after the initial sale. I haven’t seen many other programs that take this two-step approach and as a result, your product will be more profitable over time.

You also have the option to bundle this course with the popular Pinterest Ninja course and save money. If you’re worried about how to promote your ebook, this bundle will show you how to make your product, launch it, and market it on Pinterest.

Learn more about Pinterest Ninja here!

How much does ebook Ninja cost?

Ahh my favorite part of the post! How much does ebook Ninja actually cost? This course is super affordable so there is very little risk to try it out. You can enroll in ebook Ninja for $29.99. There are also some bundles available if you take many of Megan’s courses.

  • Ebook Ninja: $29.99
  • Ebook Ninja + Pinterest Ninja: $89.99
  • Ebook Ninja + Pinterest Ninja + Pinterest Profile Audit: $119.99

See all pricing options by clicking the button below and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

How to sign up for Ebook Ninja

To sign up for e-book Ninja, click this link to visit the sales page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the bundle you’d like to purchase. You’ll be taken to a check out page where you can finish your purchase.

Once you’ve bought the course, you’ll receive all materials instantly so you can get started right away.

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