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The trendy town of Canggu, Bali has one of the best food scenes I’ve ever been a part of. It’s almost ridiculous how many charming, delicious restaurants and cafes you’ll find lining the streets in this tropical foodie paradise. If you’ve ever wondered “where to eat in Canggu?” this post will walk you through some of the best restaurants in Canggu that you won’t want to miss.

If you’re a brunch enthusiast like me, loosen your belt and get ready for a wild ride. You’re about to enter a delicious world of endless poached eggs on feta avocado toast, organic curried chicken and rocket quinoa salads, and vibrant smoothie bowls decorated with home-made granola and bee pollen served with a bamboo straw. 

If you’ve got special dietary needs, have no fear. While you won’t have to look hard for a juicy burger in Canggu, you’ll also find more kombucha-slinging, raw vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly havens than you’ll be able to try in a lifetime.   

So get ready and come hungry. These are the best Canggu Bali restaurants.

Where to eat in Canggu Bali | Best Canggu Restaurants


Restaurant Food When to Go Price
Warung Smile Indonesian All Day $
Surfside Canggu Cafe Indonesian, Western All Day, Breakfast Deals $
Ons Warung Indonesian, Western Pizza Special 5pm – 8pm $
Warung Ambara Indonesian, Western Breakfast Special $
Rise and Shine Cafe Western, Brunch All Day $
I am Vegan Cafe Vegan All Day $$
Love and Coconuts Breakfast, Western Brunch, Live music evenings $$
Milk and Madu Breakfast, Western Brunch, Tuesday 2 for 1 Pizza $$
Shady Shack Brunch, Vegetarian Brunch $$
Taco Casa Mexican Lunch and Dinner $$
Canteen Cafe Breakfast, Western Breakfast and Lunch $$
Lola’s Mexican Mexican Taco Tuesday Special $$
Betelnut Cafe Brunch, Western Brunch $$
The Mocca Brunch, Western Brunch $$
Luigi Pizza Pizza Dinner $$$
Santorini Greek All Day $$$
B52 Burgers Canggu Burgers Dinner $$$


The Best Cheap Places To Eat In Canggu

I love a good deal! These cheap eats in Canggu are some of my favorite places to fill up without draining my bank account.

Warung Smile

Warung Smile Canggu is a local Indonesian cafe just up the road from Echo Beach. This comfortable Canggu cafe has outdoor seating and friendly staff. Despite being very close to the beach, the menu is super affordable and there is a large vegetarian selection as well.

I ate here on one of my first days in Canggu and the Veggie Nasi Goering was exactly what I needed. One of the best Warungs Canggu has to offer!

Canggu Bali Restaurants Warung Smile

Surfside Canggu Cafe

This spot is also very close to Echo Beach and has an amazing outdoor ambiance. The Surfside Canggu Cafe is a great place for a morning power bowl before you take a surf lesson. It’s also a comfy spot to get some work done thanks to the speedy WiFi.

The prices here are inexpensive and the quality and portions are great. Since this Canggu cafe was right next to my hostel, Surfside Cafe Canggu was one of my go-to Bali breakfast places. My stomach and my wallet didn’t mind one bit. 

Where to eat in Canggu Surfside Cafe Canggu

Ons Waroeng

On my first trip to Canggu, I stayed a bit farther from the beach near this awesome Waroeng. I must have eaten here ten times in eight days because the local food and pizzas were so affordable.

Ons Waroeng is one of the best cheap restaurants Canggu has to offer. If you want a cheap smoothie bowl in Canggu, this is the place to get it. But really you can’t go wrong with any of their menu items.

They also have one of the best deals on pizza in Canggu I’ve seen. They have a pizza special every night from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, making this a great place to get your pizza fix! Eat on the huge second-story balcony where you can enjoy a tropical breeze with your meal.  

Best Canggu Cafe | Cheap Eats Canggu | Ons Waroeng Canggu Review

Warung Ambara

Warung Ambara is the perfect hybrid of local warung and trendy brunch cafe. This authentic restaurant in Canggu, Bali has outdoor seating overlooking the rice paddy and overall charming vibes.

With local and western breakfast options for cheap prices, this place will always be one of my favorite cafes in Canggu Bali

Breakfast Canggu | Cafe Canggu on a budget

Rise and Shine Cafe

Rise and Shine Canggu is a colorful Canggu brunch spot. It’s a little off the beaten path but well worth the visit. The Rise and Shine Canggu menu has some of the most affordable “fancy” coffees in town and fresh brunch options for all kinds of eaters.

Make sure to take a picture with the mural on the wall and drink as many budget-friendly cappuccinos you can get your hands on.

Rise and Shine Cafe, Best Cafe Canggu, Breakfast Canggu
Best Canggu Bali Restaurants on a Mid-range Budget

It’s no secret that Canggu is home to some of the best restaurants in Bali. Check out these delicious places to eat in Canggu on a mid-range budget.

I Am Vegan Babe Cafe

I am Vegan Babe Canggu is a must-try for vegan travelers! Scratch that. This Canggu Brunch Cafe is a must-try for ALL travelers!

This vegan cafe in Canggu is tasty and aesthetically wonderful – perfect for plant-based travelers and those who want to try something a little different.

I tried the vegan tofu scramble and this blue smoothie masterpiece pictured below. Both were exceptionally delicious and I loved trying them while I sat on the patio and looked out over the rice fields. A great place to spend the day and try some healthy vegan food in Canggu Bali! 

I am Vegan Babe Cafe Canggu | Best places to eat Canggu
View from I am Vegan Babe Cafe Canggu

Love and Coconuts

Love and Coconuts is the perfect place to grab a smoothie bowl or breakfast dish from a restaurant run by kind and passionate people.

Perfect for health nuts and digital nomads alike (thanks to the amazing WiFi), you’ll probably want to hang out at Love and Coconuts all day! Stop in and ask about their raw foods cooking classes and live music events too!


Milk and Madu Cafe Canggu

I came here for the smoothie bowls but I stayed for the atmosphere. Milk and Madu Canggu has an outdoor garden for you to enjoy your brunch, perfectly photogenic tropical smoothie bowls, and an endless supply of fancy coffees.

If you’re craving pizza in Canggu, they also have a two for one pizza special on Tuesday nights!

Milk and Madu Canggu Cafe | Best Breakfast Canggu

Shady Shack

As you walk up to it, Shady Shack Canggu just looks cool. This bungalow cafe is hidden in a garden of greenery overlooking a rice paddy.

On the Shady Shack Cafe menu, you’ll find all-day breakfast, enormous quinoa bowls, delicious iced coffee with coconut milk, and too many delicious smoothie bowls to count. It’s no wonder this place is known for being an Instagram-worthy food spot and one of the best breakfast in Canggu destinations!

Shady Shack Canggu | Where to eat in Canggu on a budget

Taco Casa

Taco Casa is a must-visit restaurant in Canggu for Mexican-food-enthusiasts. The Taco Casa Bali menu is simple and fresh, making it easy for someone like me who has major food-ordering anxiety.

My favorite thing to eat here is the wet veggie burrito, a stuffed vegetarian burrito covered in enchilada red sauce and cheese. If you’re looking for Mexican food, Canggu style, look no further!

Best mexican in canggu Taco Casa

Canteen Cafe Canggu

If you love surfing, you’ll love the decor of Canteen Cafe Canggu. With Canggu breakfast deals including coffee for 50K, tasty lunchtime sandwiches and burgers, and all the local favorites too, everyone will find something they love.

They’re only open from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm so make sure to swing by Canteen any time except for dinner time. My favorite lunch pick? The Honky Tonk Hashbrowns with Avocado. 

Canteen Canggu | Best places to eat in canggu

Lola’s Mexican Cantina Canggu

Lola’s cantina Canggu is an awesome Mexican option when you need a break from delicious Indonesian fare. Located right on the short cut, Lola’s Mexican Restaurant Canggu has a cool atmosphere, fun music, and some of the best Mexican food in Bali.

They also offer a tempting Taco Tuesday special every Tuesday night. On Tuesdays, every cocktail you order comes with a free taco!

Lola’s Canggu Cantina also does Mexican breakfast and brunch options like this glamorous chia pudding with mango puree.

Lola's Mexican Cantina Canggu Breakfast Canggu

Betelnut Cafe

If you want a memorable breakfast in Canggu Bali, this is the place to get it! Betelnut Cafe Canggu is right in downtown by Deus ex Machina and Luigi’s. It has a delightful upstairs patio with views for days.

The Betelnut Cafe has good vibes and low-priced combination specials, making this easy for the budget. My go-to Canggu breakfast? The Mexican burrito with the berry ripe smoothie. Heaven. 

Betelnut Cafe Canggu Best Brunch Canggu

The Mocca Cafe Canggu

The Mocca Cafe Canggu is probably the most photogenic Canggu breakfast cafe on this list and home to some absolutely divine looking dishes. The Mocca is an awesome place to grab breakfast in Canggu or get some work done.

I still dream about the toast with hummus and avocado I tried here. They plate the food like artwork and the restaurant itself looks like it could have its own HGTV show.

The Mocca best breakfast canggu

The Mocca best breakfast canggu cafe
Best Dinner In Canggu Bali

These Canggu dinner restaurants are perfect for a splurge night! Okay, I say “splurge night,” but the prices here are still WAY more affordable than most places I’d eat back home.

I’m writing this from the point of view of someone who travels on a budget and none of these places are extremely expensive by American standards. For the sake of this article, remember that spending $10-$15 USD on one meal would be on the higher end for most Canggu Bali Restaurants.

Luigi’s Hot Pizza

When in Canggu, you have to eat pizza at Luigi’s Canggu at least once. Luigi hot pizza Canggu is expensive but WORTH IT.

The first time I went, I moaned and groaned because the prices were more expensive than pizza at other places. But then oh my goodness the plain cheese pizza I got was so much better than anywhere else.

There are great places to eat pizza in Bali but this is the best, for sure. Luigis also has music and lively parties in the huge outdoor space most nights, so going here is an event in itself. 

Santorini Greek Restaurant

This little restaurant near Echo Beach surprised me. I booked a room in the hostel above this restaurant and I ate here because it was the first place I found when I arrived late at night.

While the main dishes were pricy, the food was fresh, high quality, and tasted just like my favorite Greek spot back home.

If you stop by for breakfast, they have budget-friendly danishes and pastries with delightful things like feta cheese and spinach inside. 

Best restaurants Canggu Bali Greek Food in Canggu

B52 Burger Canggu

Could this be the best burger in Canggu? The best burger in Bali even? I don’t eat red meat so I’m hearing this review from a friend, who, upon trying the Canggu B52 burger said: “This is the best burger I’ve had in my entire life… and I’ve had thousands of burgers.”

They have veggie-friendly options here too, which were lovely, but if you’re a burger fan you definitely want to give this spot a try. 

Best Burger in Canggu b52

With one of the best food scenes in the world, you definitely won’t go hungry in Canggu, Bali! Have you been to Canggu? What was your favorite place to eat?

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best places to eat in canggu bali
best places to eat in canggu bali

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