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How to get to Lombok from Bali

When traveling to Indonesia, you’ll probably want to check out as many of the stunning islands as possible. With world-renowned surf, amazing food, and lush natural beauty, Bali is one of the most famous spots to explore. But Lombok, Bali’s less-touristy neighbor, is also a place you don’t want to miss. With breathtaking beaches and a calmer, more local vibe, Lombok will show you another interesting side of Indonesia. This post will cover exactly how to get to Lombok from Bali.

Luckily, getting to Lombok from Bali is easy! The best way to get to Lombok from Bali will depend on your budget, time constraints, and personal travel preferences. When deciding how to get from Bali to Lombok, you can either go by plane, fast boat, or public ferry.

how to get to lombok from bali by plane, fast boat, and public ferry
Fly from Bali to Lombok

  • Cost: Approx $40 USD
  • Pro: Fastest option, less dependent on weather, the Lombok airport is close to southern cities
  • Con: Most expensive, packing for a flight

The fastest way to travel from Bali to Lombok is to fly. Several flights run from the Bali Denpasar Airport to Lombok each day. Getting to Lombok from Denpasar is quick and convenient.

If you catch one on the national airline Garuda Airlines, your surfboards will go free. The Lombok airport is on the southern part of the island so this is an ideal option if you’re visiting south Lombok destinations like Kuta.

To fly to Lombok from Bali, you’ll take a taxi to the Domestic Terminal of the Bali/Denpasar airport. After you check your bags (or carry on if you’re traveling light), you’ll take a short flight for about 30 minutes over to Lombok.  When you land in Lombok, you’ll collect your luggage and find a taxi outside to take you to your final destination.

Your hotel can also arrange airport pick up for you if you don’t want to book a taxi at the airport. The ride from the Lombok Airport to Kuta Lombok takes about 20 minutes and costs 150 IDR or about $10 USD.

Fast Ferry to Lombok from Bali

  • Cost: Approx $30 USD
  • Pro: Getting from Bali to Lombok on the fast boat is faster than taking the public ferry, less expensive than flying, and you get to see the ocean and natural beauty on the way
  • Con: Weather dependent, you’ll have to travel to get to the ferry terminal in Bali, the ferry terminal in Lombok is in the north so driving to southern cities would be a pain. 

The fast ferry to Lombok from Bali takes about two hours and runs daily. There are several companies offering fast ferry services from different ports around Bali. Most run from Padang Bai but you can also find ferries from Amed and Serangan.

Though there are different prices offered by different companies, the fast ferry from Bali to Lombok generally costs around $30 USD. The downside of the ferry compared to the flying is that the ferry ports in both Bali and Lombok are a bit out of the way.

Depending on where you are in Bali, you might have to take a taxi across the island before you even get to your ferry. When you arrive in Lombok, you’ll need to take another taxi to the part of Lombok you’re planning to visit.

Since the ferry port in Lombok is in the northern part of the island, this option is best if you’re planning to explore the Gili Islands or other areas in northern Lombok. If you’re planning to visit the south and Kuta Lombok, you’ll spend at least two hours in the taxi getting there from the pier which could get expensive quickly.

If you want to take the speed boat, you can see time tables and fares here. Note that many of the sailings between Bali and Gili T stop in Lombok so you could book one of these sailings and get off the boat early. If you pre-book online using a site like this, hotel pick up could be included in your ticket price.

Public Ferry from Bali to Lombok

  • Cost: Approx $3 USD
  • Pro: Runs frequently throughout the day, can transport cars/scooters, views of water and scenery during the day, unique experience
  • Con: Long travel time, weather dependent, long commute to and from the pier in both Bali and Lombok

The public ferry leaves from Padang Bai harbor and it takes four hours to get to Lombok. This slower ferry option runs several times a day. As with the fast ferry, you’ll have to account for transport time to and from the pier in both Bali and Lombok.

There is no online booking for the public ferry so you’ll buy tickets when you arrive at the terminal. There is also no set departure time but ferries come every hour so hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long. This option is best for people on longer vacations looking to save money who aren’t worried about time. This is also a good option if you plan to bring your own form of transportation with you from Bali to Lombok.

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